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Your logo on a cricket pitch – 8 brilliant brand benefits

Your brands logo on a cricket pitch

Did you know we can print your logo on a cricket pitch?? Improved for 2020, Flicx now have a new 3 stage printing process that gives schools, clubs and cricket organisations stunning logo print quality and increased durability that in turns opens some amazing benefits in terms of brand awareness and sponsorship …


One of the biggest benefits of getting a logo printed on your 2G Flicx Pitch is the brand benefits it can bring…

1. Allow your brand to impress and inspire

Schools and companies can maintain a strong corporate brand by printing their school logo in their cricket pitches. As well as keeping a consistent corporate brand, this also can impress potential pupils and is very on trend with printing options with other items of sporting facilities such as cricket covers, sports kit, balls and getting them all looking consistent. In addition with the 2G Flicx Pitch, it is possible to match the pantone shade of your school colours onto the pitch tiles themselves*.

2. Gain great photography and marketing content

What could be a better advert for your organisation than a player hitting a big 6 of taking a wicket on your new branded 2G Flicx Pitch. A branded pitch looks professional and eye catching in photos and video content which can be used across your marketing platforms and social media. How amazing did the magenta Sydney Sixers throw downs look for their Beach Blast fan activation campaigns and this enabled them to generate significant local press coverage for the events.

3. Attract PR

With a great photo comes PR opportunities. For a potential sponsor this is a moment not to miss and we have seen the Flicx Pitch take cricket to some amazing places including the top of mount Everest and inside the London Eye for event photoshoots.

4. Brand experience enhanced

If you are looking to attract a new audience to cricket for example run cricket taster events in your local community then a branded pitch is sure fire to excite new players. In addition, our colourful designs are very popular with kids and it makes the game so much more realistic to be bowling or batting on a real wicket rather than the ground or an area marked out with cones. Great experiences create an emotional tie with your brand and an experience that will stand the test of time.


For clubs or organisations looking to grow cricket, using your Flicx pitch as a unique sponsorship opportunity can open doors to attract vital new investment…

5. A unique angle for sponsors

There is no doubt that cricket pitch branding is a unique opportunity for sponsors. It is front and centre in any match! In a world of content overload, sponsors are looking for ways to stand out and be different! From a club’s point of view, aside from shirt sponsorship – its sometimes hard to create different appealing packages and multiple branding opportunities … pitch branding can be a new and exciting proposition for your club to market to potential suitors.

6. Develop an ongoing income stream for your club

With the 2G Flicx Pitch being made from interlocking tiles, it is very quick and easy to change the sponsors logo annually. This means you can change the pitch branding to add new sponsors or take them out if their contract ends. You can include multiple sponsors logo in a single pitch and can set your own price for this. If you got 4 sponsors in at £1000 per season for example then you would cover the cost of the pitch in year 1 and then you have an ongoing income stream there after!!

7. Helping you to grow participation

Give a reason for local companies to support your clubs work! Are you involved in any junior cricket initiatives? Do you go into local schools delivering cricket, do you host community events? If so, these are great reasons for local businesses to get involved in supporting your club by helping you to invest in pitches to allow more teams to run. The 2G Flicx Pitch is portable and versatile so has an amazing range of applications and will can help you grow participation which in turn creates a great message for potential sponsors or local business owners to get behind.

8. Excellent events

Many Cricket Boards in the UK have 2G Flicx Pitches to enable them to host cricket events in non-traditional environments. Essex Cricket host an annual tape ball cricket festival at Leyton Orients ground which helps them to develop great relationships with South East Asian players whilst Yorkshire CB host an annual beach cricket festival on Scarborough beach. The event experience is improved drastically with our roll out pitches and in this way the county board can go into the community itself and be proactive with engagement programmes.

So there really are some massive benefits to getting your logo on a cricket pitch and we are now more confident than ever with durability of the printing finish so do contact us for a quote.

Flicx works with local printing partners Senecio Digital who have been iterating treatments and paints over the past months with a new 3 step process in place. To add a logo to your pitch typical adds 3-4 days to the lead times and costs £250 which is for a standard 110cm x 75cm logo. Larger or more bespoke printing can be quoted on request.

“The mat sections are applied with a 2 part acrylic coating with a colourless flexible additive in order to improve the flexibility, before being printed with white and CMYK to then have a further treatment over the top of the same product to give it even more durability” says director Alexander Lack

*additional costs and longer lead times apply

If any clubs or companies are looking for a pitch mock up, Flicx UK can provide these free of charge so you can show potential sponsors what the product looks like as part of your pitch OR for cricket masters at school to share with the SLT to ensure budget is allocated. Contact our Marketing manager Kate Costin for mock up requests – we will just need a copy of the logo and details on which pitch you are interested in.

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