Introducing the all-new Flicx website.

After weeks of work behind the scenes, launch day is finally here. Flicx welcomes the announcement of our new and updated website. With an all-new shopping experience, tailored and designed to be user friendly from start to finish. Our new website is still located at, just with a new look and some incredible new […]

Flicx Pitches, the ideal solution to increase participation at Queen Ethelburga’s

Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate is an independent school located in the North Yorkshire countryside that was formed back in 1912. The Collegiate consists of four schools – Chapter House (3 months to Year 5), King’s Magna (Year 6 to 9), The College and Faculty (both Year 10 to 13). Queen Ethelburga’s has a rich history of […]

Flicx Pitch is a game changer for Germantown, PA

Germantown Cricket team have dubbed the 2G Flicx Pitch a “game changer” due to the immense value it has offered during its debut season, offering “stability” as well as revolutionising their practice and social matches. The purchase of a Flicx wicket has provided Germantown with a consistent and reliable pitch to continue their rich sporting […]

The “Chirp” around Flicx pitches on Jersey

 James Caunt, the Director of Cricket at Chirpy’s Cricket Club from Jersey kindly gave us an interview about his experiences with the 2G Flicx Cricket pitch and how it has become a valuable resource to their Cricket Club. Furthermore, stating about his future aspirations for the Club.  James started Chripy’s Cricket Club in 2017 in […]

Local Business Supporting Grassroots Junior Cricket | Shadwell CC & Harpo’s Pizza

Shadwell CC

How Harpo’s sponsorship enabled Shadwell CC to purchase a 2G Flicx Pitch… There is only so much growth that grassroots sports clubs can facilitate and fund in house through using club funds or internal fundraising. Clubs often look towards grants from local sports partnerships and their national governing bodies; However, a more sustainable way of […]

Perfectly purple, portable pitches at Kimbolton School

Kimbolton School

Perfectly purple, portable pitches were delivered to the Kimbolton School sports department ahead of the new cricket term with the cricket and PE staff feedback hugely positive in terms of performance and usability after the initial use across the schools cricket programme. “The bespoke 2G Flicx Pitches will make a massive difference to our cricket […]

Flicx supports the Cricket Kids Premier League (CKPL)

CKPL X Flicx

The Cricket Kids Premier League (CKPL) is now underway and looks incredible hosted on a custom designed pink 2G Flicx Junior Skills Pitch rolled over a blue hockey astroturf … the Indian Premier League (IPL) maybe on hold but the Cricket Kids Premier League is the tournament to watch online this summer! Rolling the 2G […]

Flicx Chats | Amanda Combes – Junior Secretary at Beckenham Cricket Club, Kent

Beckenham MAP

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Amanda Combes – Junior Secretary, U11 Age Group Lead & Communications Officer – at Beckenham Cricket Club, Kent about how they’re getting on with their 2G Flicx 22.12m Multi-Age Pitches (MAP). As we see out the closing phases of the pandemic, the return of sport and […]

Growing Junior Cricket with 2G Flicx Pitches | Beckenham Cricket Club, Kent

Growing Junior Cricket with Beckenham Cricket Club

Beckenham Cricket Club in Kent have been growing junior cricket participation at their Club with the help of 2G Flicx Pitches. This is their story as to how they have grown with Flicx, and boosted Junior Cricket during a testing year. First Innings | Beckenham CC x 2G Flicx Pitch Three years ago, the former […]

Ice Cricket | The Village Club that brought Cricket to life in Sweden

Ice Cricket | Guttsta Wicked CC

As stories of Cricket during the pandemic roll out across social media from around the world, only a few capture the true cricket madness of Guttsta Wicked Cricket Club – A mighty village cricket club playing Ice Cricket during the off season! When you mention Sweden, your first thoughts are probably not cricket. However, this […]