The 2G Flicx Pitch has a plethora of reasons it has become such a popular and well sought-after product over the past 24 years. One of main reasons behind this reputation is “portability”. Cricket participation and growth at clubs, schools, and foundations are often thwarted by existing facility space, weather/seasons, maintenance of wickets, and cost. The 2G Flicx Pitch has been a solution to many of these issues and a large part to play in it has been its portability.

The 2G Flicx Pitches range between 60-20kgs a roll, thus making it a lightweight and stress-free task to move and transport the pitches to the facilities you would like to roll the pitch out on.  Whether that be an outfield, AstroTurf, or indoor sports hall. All 60kg rolls are provided with a safety trolley to help with the transport of the pitch.

The setup of a 2G Flicx Pitch is an easy process. Take the Pitch to area or space available to you, your club or school and follow the quick step process.

  • Lay the two rolls with their joins facing each other
  • Align the two pitches, connecting the outer clips joins first
  • Loosen and remove the straps, further connecting the joins along the entire width of the pitch
  • Roll the pitch out ready to play
  • In some circumstances you may have to fold the ends back on itself for 5 or so minutes for the pitch to lay completely flat.

 This easy 5 step process makes the 2G Flicx Pitch invaluable allowing clubs and schools to set up the Flicx pitch on a firm surface they have available. This has been vital in boosting cricket participation and inclusivity around the world, allowing clubs, schools, and foundations to host more cricket all year round.

The value of a portable pitch is immense, converting various surfaces into a cricket field, maximising facilities, and making the most of what space is available.

Outfield: Flicx Pitches can be laid on the outfield to host multiple games at once, as well as being placed on top of a wicket without damaging the under surface. The cricketers not only benefit from the Flicx Pitch but so do the groundsman. A surface that is portable and requires minimum maintenance providing the much-needed rest for an overused square in the back end of a cricket season.

Beckingham CC,

Astroturf: During winter and early dark evenings, the portability of a Flicx Pitch allows you to take it onto flood-lit Astroturf surfaces where the cricket can continue. In the past, clubs such as Eastbourne Cricket Club have used the Flicx Pitch on an Astroturf hockey pitch to extend their season and play cricket all the way through winter. This has been a massive advantage for them to maintain their standard of cricket and to continually improve their skills.

Cranford House School

Indoors: The portable Flicx Pitch also lends clubs the opportunity to extend their net lanes and bays at practice as well as taking the pitch indoors during preseason training. Clubs and Schools have been able to use the pitch outdoors in the summer to host multiple games on the outfield and during winter, the Pitch is taken indoors to the sports halls. The Pitch gives a genuine and true surface indoors that also offers turn for the spinners keeping all bowlers and batsmen happy with a realistic surface.  

Bloxham School

The portable 2G Flicx Pitch is vital in providing a solution to many clubs, schools, and foundations around the world, boosting cricket participation and inclusivity. Introducing the sport of cricket to less developed areas that may have limited space to play the game we all love.

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