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The Rise of Regensburg Rebels and Women’s cricket in Germany

Flicx got the opportunity to speak with Esmarie the founder of the Regensburg Rebels women’s team about her story with 2G Flicx Pitches. This blog post delves into the club’s inspiring history, their discovery of Flicx cricket pitches, and how the versatile playing surfaces have played a pivotal role in the growth and success of cricket in Regensburg.

There was no hard ball cricket in the City of Regensburg where Esmarie resided. She was travelling well over a 100km each way to Munich where she played in the German League. This was obviously a tedious and time-consuming journey. As a result, in 2020 Esmarie took a leap of faith and began promoting the establishment of a women’s cricket team in Regensburg. Initially, a few intrigued ladies from diverse backgrounds reached out, and gradually more joined the cause. As COVID-19 measures eased and team sports were allowed, they gathered and started training and competing in friendlies. The dedication and passion of the Regensburg Rebels paid off in 2021 as they made their entry into the German Bundesliga League. The all women’s’ cricket team the Regensburg Rebels, were born.

I decided to give it a go and started advertising to establish a women’s’ team in Regensburg. Soon a few curious ladies from different nationalities contacted me, more joined and we could put a team together” -Esmarie (Regensburg Rebels)

Esmarie first stumbled upon Flicx cricket pitches through social media advertising like many modern-day discoveries. Intrigued, she embarked on further research, exploring articles and reviews that showcased the pitch’s versatility and quality. Recognising the potential of Flicx pitches to help elevate their cricket and provide a much need quality wicket, the club DJK Sportbund Regensburg decided to give it a try and invest in the innovative and versatile 2G Flicx Pitch making it possible for the team to join the women’s Bundesliga League.

Currently, the Regensburg Rebels use Flicx pitches for home league matches, friendlies, and invitational events. However, the team is now also planning to utilise half of the pitch for training purposes. The versatility of Flicx Pitch allows clubs and schools all over the World to split the Flicx Pitch in two and form two batting ends for training sessions to maximise and expand their current facilities.

“Mostly home league matches and friendlies or invitational events. We will soon start to use one half of the pitch for training.”- Esmarie (Regensburg Rebels)

The Rebels have found that the 2G Flicx Pitch provides excellent bounce and spin, impressing both their own players and visiting teams. Furthermore, the positive feedback from players and teams alike has solidified the decision to invest in Flicx pitches.

“We are very satisfied with the pitch performance. The feedback from visiting teams have been positive too despite some players being sceptical at first. Bounce and spin are very good.”

The introduction of Flicx Pitch in a country where permanent cricket pitches are scarce. Has meant that the Flicx Pitch has become an invaluable surface that enables the team to compete in the German league.

The Future looks bright for the Regensburg Rebels with the pitch still a relatively new feature of the club, they intend to maximise its usage, employing it for training sessions and further league matches.

With an impressive record of winning three out of four official matches thus far in 2023, the Rebels have set their sights on qualifying for the semi-finals by topping the South Germany conference.

Flicx would like to thank Esmarie for her time to give some feedback on her experiences with the 2G Flicx Pitch and we wish you all the best for the remainder of your season.

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