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The magic of MAP … Your choice of crease lengths in a pitch for all age groups


The 2G Flicx Multi Age Pitch (MAP) gives more options for cricket clubs and schools to host various different age groups of players all on one, portable, roll out cricket pitch.

With national governing bodies globally focusing their efforts on encouraging younger players to get more success and involvement in the game, different solutions have been announced including the use of shorter pitches, smaller boundaries and in some cases lighter balls and different restrictions on batting and bowling. The ECB have announced the following pitch suggestions for different ages recently with “international” markings generally at 14,16 and 18 metre lengths.

New ECB Guidelines U9 U11 U13 U15 U17
Girls 15 yards 17 yards 19 yards 20 yards 22 yards
Boys 15 yards 17 yards 19 yards 22 yards 22 yards
CA Guidelines STAGE 1 Under 10/11 STAGE 2 Under 12/13 STAGE 3 Under 14-19
16m 18m 20.12m

With the 2G Flicx MAP Pitch, which is supplied in 2 half pitch batting ends which clip and zip together in the middle, making it easier to transport, we are now enabling customers to choose which 3 crease lengths they want including in their multi age pitch with the pitch itself being giving a run off area for for all age groups, making it suitable for senior cricket too. The total pitch length is 22.12m.

The huge “magic” of MAP is therefore the ability to host different age groups all on the same pitch, just by moving your spring back stumps providing great value for money and versatility. 2G Flicx pitches can be rolled out on various under surfaces including grass, synthetic pitches, concrete etc giving you a range of options of where to play your game.

Multi Age Pitch
Multi Age Pitch

The MAP is exclusively available from Flicx UK and we export globally. For 2019 to date, it is our best-selling product with many schools and clubs in the UK (including Robert Gordons School, Alleyn’s School, Guildford High School, Teddington CC and Framlingham College to name but a few) investing in this portable, solution to help them grow the game and improve standards.  Being a 2G product, the surface offers good grip and a consistent bounce when laid on a firm, flat area all with minimal preparation and maintenance.

Take a look at this product in more detail and place your order at (or for non UK sales, simply request a quote for a shipping price) … alternatively call us on 01295 816765.

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