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On the 27th June, Cricket Romania became the newest affiliate members of the International Cricket Council (ICC)

Marc Pillich-Wright the newly elected President of Cluj Cricket Club in Romania takes up the story in this our latest blog of how cricket is developing in his adopted nation and how his team were delighted to hear the news from Flicx UK, that they had been donated a Flicx Pitch as part of the Twenty 20 International Cricket Roadshow tour to Poland and Romania.

“Thanks to the outstanding generosity and assistance from Flicx UK and ICC Europe, we are now looking forward to developing the skills of Romanian’s in our region. With only 8 active clubs in the country, and only 1 inside a 150km radius of the city of Cluj-Napoca, we are hoping to have at least three in this region for next year’s completion. Suitable places to play has been a problem for us in the past. But, with the Flicx mat, a good standard of cricket is now going to be seen in places where, before, it may not have been possible.  In addition, our training sessions are going to be so much more focused with a consistent surface. Thank you!” – Marc Pillich-Wright, Cluj Cricket Club

The Twenty 20 International Cricket Roadshow will be arriving in Cluj on Monday 29th July and delivering coaching/ coach education sessions on the 30th and 31st July so keep an eye on our blog and twitter for all the latest news on the trip and the Flicx Pitch presentation. Owner of Flicx UK Richard Beghin commented “Flicx UK is delighted to help Romanian Cricket to establish a cricket facility to suit the countries growing demands and appetite for the sport. It has worked out brilliantly with our partnership with Twenty 20 in supporting their first European roadshow; that we can leave a legacy by donating a pitch to the ICC’s newest affiliate member. We look forward to keeping in touch with Marc and the guys in Cluj to share their enjoyment of the game on their new surface”

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