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Cricket Australia and Flicx UK have joined forces to create an order opportunity with subsidised Flicx Pitch prices for the upcoming season by being part of a container of pitches coming into Australia. Simply input your details into form above and you will receive an official quotation and price based on your location plus some additional information and case studies from existing clubs in Australia already using the 2G Flicx Pitch to maximise green space for cricket.


“The ever-growing junior cricket landscape demands more facilities and facility optimisation, with the 2G MAP Flicx Pitch; this allows more games to be played, more often with a strong alignment to the Australian Cricket Formats” – James Liggins, Cricket Australia

After a successful pilot project with Cricket Victoria in 2017, and a more extensive countrywide Cricket Australia trial in 2018 with great feedback from participating states and clubs, last year the first subsidised and centrally purchased order of pitches was distributed to clubs in Australia – primarily used for junior cricket formats.

For 2020, despite financial challenges from Covid 19, Flicx and CA are able to offer preferential pricing and a single fixed pitch price for clubs on the following recommended products.

  • Junior Multi Age Pitch (18m with a 16m crease marked) $3908 AUD
  • Senior Multi Age Pitch (20.12m with 18, 16m creases marked) $4,655 AUD
  • Extra Length Multi Age Pitch (22.12m with crease lines at 20m, 18m and 16m including 1m runup each end) $5,140 AUD

Full timings, order deadlines and terms and conditions can be found below or you can contact for specifc questions about the pitches suitability at your facility. Complete the form for a full quote (a full quote will be provided to you including local delivery to your door)

Flicx UK are proud to present the worlds most versatile, artificial cricket pitch

Club, schools and associations can now create new or develop existing facilities by rolling out a 2G Flicx Pitch on a range of under surfaces. Flicx is suitable for ADULTS or JUNIORS, HARD ball or SOFT ball, OUTDOORS or INDOORS and is a POPULAR and COST-EFFECTIVE solution used all round the world! 

We are proud to work with Cricket Australia to offer the Junior, Senior and Extra Length 2G Flicx Multi Age Pitch to clubs to help facilitate growth in the game and host the best possible standard of cricket matches and training to bring long lasting participation growth. With Flicx you just need a firm, flat surface so the applications for our pitch and use cases are vast…


High Quality

The 2G Flicx Pitch provides a firm surface for your matches and training. The tile is very durable, grippy (taking spin and seam) and includes UV stabilisation technology so you can play in all weathers. The “feet” of the pitch help it mould to your under-surface. Flicx offer a 5 year manufacturers warranty.

Built to last years and years!



The 2G Flicx Pitch is supplied in two half pitch batting ends to make it possible for one person to move and roll out the pitch with the Flicx Safety Trolley (although two people makes for lighter work). One pitch could be used in multiple venues as well as being halved for use in the nets or for indoor cricket.

A roll out solution



The 2G Flicx Pitch is suitable rolled out on a wide range of under surfaces including grass, synthetic pitches, indoors, on playgrounds, over existing worn astro strips, on the outfield or even on the beach! Just rolled the pitch on a firm, flat area and follow our 6 steps to success for optimal pace and bounce

So many applications!


Value for Money

Flicx have partnered with Cricket Australia to offer subsidised MAP pitches based on being part of a bulk container order. By joining this order system, organisations benefit from around a xx% price discount versus ordering direct in isolation. Custom, duties and delivery are all organised too – see the timeline for proposed 2020 dates

A great investment


Open up green spaces

With green spaces at a premium and multi-use sports areas being stretched, there are councils that find themselves under severe pressure in terms of facility utilisation. Portable pitches allow for these grounds to not only be well used, but they could potentially also allow for junior cricket to be prioritised and standards of play increased.

Maximise ground utilisation


Develop the game

The 2G Flicx Pitch enables you to host additional teams. Junior, womens and girls cricket is growing fast which creates additional pressures for places to play. Flicx Pitches can be rolled out over a range of bases to create extra high quality match and training facilities. Kids enjoy playing on Flicx Pitches which clearly defines the playing area

Sustained participation growth

Case Studies

Here’s is some feedback from councils, clubs and associations who have been part of the extensive trials of the 2G Flicx Pitch in Australia – these organisations have all been looking to expand their cricket capacity or enabling multiple junior teams to play on one single oval and have been delighted with the performance of their Flicx Pitch


Grant Smethurst

Recreational Services Coordinator

Organisation: Stonnington Council

“The city of Stonnington Council was one of the councils involved in the 2018 pilot project to try and solve one of urban Australia’s most perplexing issues; the proper utilisation of junior sport’s dwindling recreational space in densely populated inner-city areas. Flicx Pitches have minimal impact on the subsurface, which is fantastic. We’re thinking it would be beneficial to play junior games using these pitches on Premier Club venues – they provide us with more of a chance to get kids to play cricket,”

Scott Tutton

Club and Competitions Manager

Organisation: Cricket Victoria

Apart from their durability, the 2G Flicx Pitches portability allows for two or more junior games to be played simultaneously on the one oval. In the metropolitan areas of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, there are councils that find themselves under severe pressure in terms of facility utilisation. Portable pitches would allow for these grounds to not only be well used, but they could potentially also allow for junior cricket to be prioritised and allow for them to play on better quality grounds.”

Helen Uppill

Junior Chair

Organisation: South Perth Junior Cricket Club

“SPJCC now has two 2G Flicx Pitches which are helping to increase the standard of junior cricket games. 630 kids play at over 20 different grounds in the city with the Flicx Pitch meaning that every single park can, within 15-20 minutes, be turned into a cricket pitch. The Flicx pitch provides a stable, realistic cricket pitch surface for Juniors to play cricket on”

Mark Webber

Junior Co-ordinator

Organisation: Walkerville Cricket Club

“These durable and portable pitches allows for two or more junior games to be played simultaneously on the one oval, meaning traditional cricket issues of space and pitch availability for juniors could become a thing of the past.We can get a better critical mass of players using one oval. It’s better for parents, better for players, gives a greater atmosphere and a better use of facilities”

The first deadline for pitches has now closed but we are pleased to be offering a second order window this September to co-incide with the ACA Grass Roots Cricket Fund application window. Grants can be used towards the purchase of a 2G Flicx Pitch and is a great way to increase your clubs capacity for matches and training. NB – there are currently a few days left to join the August container if your requirements are more urgent. (02/09/2020)


The Multi Age Pitch is the most versatile pitch in the Flicx range. Its a match pitch with additional crease markings in built so you just need to move your springback stumps for different age groups. Our senior MAP is full length whilst the extra lenght has an additional metre behind the stumps so the bowlers delivery in on the pitch itself.

  • Junior Multi Age Pitch (18m with a 16m crease marked) – $3908 AUD exc final destination delivery in Australia*
  • Senior Multi Age Pitch (20.12m with 18, 16m creases marked) – $4,655 AUD exc final destination delivery in Australia*
  • Extra Length Multi Age Pitch (22.12m with crease lines at 20m , 18m and 16m including 1m runup each end) – $5,140 AUD exc final destination delivery in Australia*

* requesting a quote will give you these pitch prices with delivery included to your city/state to create the total price paybale. It is also possible to order multiple pitches to the same location. The same delivery costs apply for each pitch as each is supplied on a palette with a safety trolley.


Full payment is required on invoice, ahead of container dispatching to confirm your order.

Customers to sign the 2G Flicx Pitch sales agreement and terms and conditions


For case history on the 2G Flicx Pitch in Australia, take a look at the following articles and case studies


Second order window open – quote form live for clubs, schools and councils to confirm their interest


Final cut of deadline for confirmed pitch orders as part of the second Cricket Australia bulk order. Orders to be invoiced and paid for at this stage.


2G Flicx Pitches manufactured by hand at Flicx’s UK warehouse


Pitches shipped by sea for delivery to port in Melbourne. Shipping by sea will take approximately 5 weeks.


2G Flicx Pitches arrive at the TPF distribution hub in Melbourne before palettizing.


Dispatch of pitches from TPF warehouses to final destination. Pitches received by participating clubs finishing week commencing 2nd December 2020.


Clubs receive guidance and follow up information from Flicx on how to use, move and store the pitch for optimal performance.


Clubs and councils using the 2G Flicx Pitch for playing and training, boosting participation and creating a more realistic cricket experience for players on a trustworthy surface.

What our Clients say...

“Our new pitch allows an even playing field for the batsman and bowlers, helps the youngsters develop their skills as well as provides a set-up for adults to hone their skills. We truly believe that the 2G Flicx is to play a catalyst for us as a club to reach one of our true goals and that is to create opportunities for more people to enjoy the global game!!”

Utah Lions, USA

“In the summer of last year, we purchased two more Flicx pitches and have spread them around the country hosting our adult leagues. You cannot put a price on what the Flicx pitch has done for cricket in Israel – it is without a doubt the best investment that we have made and without it, we would have no facilities”

Herschel Gutman, Israel Cricket Association

“With no groundsman or expertise to prepare grass wickets, a drop-in pitch made a lot of sense for us. The 2G Flicx Pitch has absolutely TRANSFORMED THE STANDARD of cricket that we can teach and means we also now play matches against other schools. It has also pushed our better cricketers who no longer have to rely on a makeshift, bobbly football pitch.”

Mark Costin, Sacred Heart School, Battersea

“We used our 2G Flicx Pitch for a hard ball match weekend – 3 matches – with seniors in Iceland and it played very well in a challenging environment.
We even had a 100 scored in the last T20 game”!

Darren Talbot, Iceland Cricket

“Flicx have created a cricket wicket more true than any other artificial any of us have played on. Favouring neither batsmen nor bowlers, this is an excellent piece of kit which will help youngsters develop their cricket and adults hone their skills – highly recommended for any club.

Alex Britten, Southwold Cricket Club

“Playing on a Flicx Pitch does help with the quality of the games and more runs have been scored especially with the mini pitches where there has been a significant upgrade with the standards”. The 2G Flicx Pitch has met all our expectations, it’s a great product and requires less ground preparation and maintenance versus preparing a natural turf wicket.”

William Belford, Holywood CC

“The 2G Flicx Pitch will enable us to play cricket where we couldn’t before. It was easy to set up and gives a good playing surface for our students to practice and play matches on, increasing our participation greatly”.

Paul Harrison, Director of Sport , William Perkin C of E School

“The 2G Flicx Skills Pitch has been a fantastic addition for our cricketers for their winter training. Both batters and bowlers have benefited from more visual cues and targets, both individually and against each other”

Simon Francis, Warwick School

“Our 2G Flicx Pitch is really good. Our bowlers really like it and we have achieved considerable success this season with the bat. Playing on a Flicx Pitch is a really great and cost-effective option for us and we are very happy with the pitches performance”

Soundar Alagesan, CCB Bayern