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The best temporary cricket wicket on the market

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If you are looking for ways to grow cricket, then take a look at how the best temporary cricket wicket in the world is helping clubs, schools and associations to create more opportunities for more players to play!

Facilities can be a huge barrier and block to participation in all corners of the world. Green spaces are at a premium and often there is shared sporting use or restrictions on what can or cannot be done by the council in question or landowners. Schools and clubs might have 1 turf wicket but this can be costly to maintain so usage is frequently restricted to 1st teams and that’s without the challenge of the weather and the costs and time associated with preparing a wicket of this standard.

That is where Flicx steps in… over the past 20 years we have supplied thousands of portable, temporary roll out cricket pitches to all corners of the global. Flicx Pitches have been vital to establishing cricket in these “developing” nations as the following testimonials confirm.

“Flicx is more than just a cricket pitch, it’s an enabler to change lives. The standard of batting from the Timor-Leste players has improved significantly in just the short time we have been using the pitch”

“We purchased two more Flicx pitches recently and have spread them around the country hosting our adult leagues. You cannot put a price on what the Flicx pitch has done for cricket in Israel – it is without a doubt the best investment that we have made and without it, we would have no facilities”

With a temporary cricket pitch solution you have the following options and in addition great versatility and value for money…

  • Split a 2G Flicx Pitch into 2 Batting Ends and use them in the nets
  • Host cricket festivals and multiple junior games by rolling them out on the outfield
  • Create a second square to host additional teams
  • A top quality indoor cricket mat (no taping and a great grippy surface)
  • Convert grass fields or synthetic pitches into cricketing venues
  • Create a cricket ground pretty much anywhere!!

With a 2G Flicx Pitch you are able to create a realistic, high quality playing surface which plays like turf and is super durable… some of the original Flicx pitches from 20 years ago are still in use today! You can grow your numbers in a flexible way and use your pitch for adult or junior cricket, hand ball or soft ball, indoors or outdoors. Flicx will really allow you to increase your ground utilisation and if there are a shortage or no cricket grounds, you can create them with Flicx. Our 2G surface offers good pace and bounce and gives assistance to your spinners plus the batsmen love it as they can play shots with confidence.

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Inspire your pupils, grow the game

2019 has already been a record year for Flicx with demand at an all time high and partnerships in place with some of crickets most prestigious organisations all turning to Flicx to help develop participation. For a bespoke quote or further information visit our online store

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