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Shipping a 2G Flicx Pitch to Australia

With cricket clubs and schools starting to plan and grounds gearing up for the new cricket season in Australia, the 2G Flicx Pitch is high on the list of priorities for those looking to improve and extend their facilities. With all 2G pitches made to order in the UK, clubs looking to purchase ahead of the new season should note the following deadlines for delivery by sea or air. Based on a full match pitch …

SEA Delivery by sea is roughly £400 Allow 2 months from payment for delivery Order by the end of July to receive at the start of September.
AIR Delivery by air is roughly £750 Delivery takes around 7-10 days from payment Order by the middle of August to receive at the start of September.

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Being a portable, roll out solution, the 2G Flicx Pitch is solving many different issues facing clubs. For those looking to accommodate expanding junior sections, the UK manufactured innovative product allows you to host multiple games on the outfield, with the pitch causing no damage to the under surface. Investment in a match pitch, which is supplied in two half pitch rolls on a safety trolley, makes it easy for ground staff or volunteers to put out the wicket ahead of matches and training.

The historical application of Flicx was converting fields into cricket match venues for adult or junior cricket and that remains popular today with many councils and facility owners facing increasing pressures for space and with limited budgets. With Flicx, you can convert grass AFL ovals, Rugby fields, synthetic hockey pitches into cricket venues. Just prepare a firm, flat surface, cut the grass short (in line with our installation instructions) then it roll out and play. Schools can host more teams including the option to create additional capacity for the increasingly popular girls and women’s game. The same pitch can also be used in the nets, indoors and even on the beach providing great value for money and versatility plus they are super durable (Click here to see how Southern Districts Cricket Club on the outskirts of Darwin has turned to an old Flicx Pitch to host their A Grade training with excellent results) … you can even roll it out over old or worn astro strips or concrete square to rejuvenate them – all without the cost of major groundwork.

Flicx Pithes at the ICC Academy

Host junior games on your outfield

Order a Flicx Pitch in Australia

The 2G Flicx Pitch is a realistic and high-quality match surface – it offers good grip, turn and a consistent surface which batters can trust. The popular new multi age pitch design (MAP) enables you to host different junior formats on the same pitch just by moving the stumps whereas colourful coaching pitches help younger players with their bowling accuracy and consistency. If you are looking to purchase a Flicx Pitch in Australia view the range at … then to get a quote simply complete the short form or email us

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