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Revolutionise your indoor training facilities with a Flicx Pitch

A new year sees indoor nets fast approaching again. Not only can Flicx pitches help revolutionise indoor training sessions this winter but offer the opportunity to expand your outdoor facilities when spring and summer return later this year. A 2G Flicx Pitch can be the solution to inconsistent indoor practices as well as bolster your current outdoor facilities.

The Flicx pitch offers a lightweight cricket surface that is easy to roll up and pack away with provided storage in the form of a trolley. The ease of using a Flicx pitch allows schools and clubs to mitigate time wasting associated with the outdated, heavy, and cumbersome Astro-carpet mats.

The diversity and the various pitch styles Flicx offers makes it the ideal solution for indoor nets this 2023. The Skills pitch comes with a traditional green match design with built in crease markings, plus our 3-colour coded coaching zones to aid batting decision making.

 Or furthermore the Multi Age Pitch again a perfect option for schools and clubs with a wide range of cricketers utilising the facility. The MAP comes with up to 4 crease line options allowing all ages to play on one pitch without the hassle of working out different pitch lengths.

Compared with the other surfaces we batted on; it provided a far more realistic experience ahead of an English summer. It wasn’t as easy as simply throwing your hands at every ball – as was the case with the rubber sports-hall flooring. From a coaching perspective, the addition of stump-lines and line/length boxes are excellent aides for youngsters, and I can see why they have proven so popular, given the ease of rolling them out in countries (and at facilities) where grass decks aren’t so feasible.” – The Cricketer Magazine Testing Day

A 2G Flicx Pitch offers a consistent and reliable bounce on indoor surfaces as well as outdoor. It allows for seam and turn for more realistic practice unlike the Astro-carpet mats. The Flicx pitch provides the ideal conditions for a batsman to face variation like they would on a grass wicket

A bonus feature of the Flicx Pitch, once winter training is over, and we move back outdoors for cricket in the sun. The Flicx pitch can continue to offer versatility, allowing for clubs and schools to roll out the pitch on the outfield to expand facilities for juniors or give the square a much-needed break. Flicx offers the world’s most versatile cricket pitch, the same pitch that can be used to upgrade your winter net facilities can also be used outside during the summer.

Kate Costin (Marketing & General Manager) is the best contact to discuss your needs and what you’re looking to do or you can call the office on 01295 816765.

To follow Flicx on Twitter, head to @FlicxPitch or you can ‘Like’ the Flicx Facebook page for updates.

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