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The latest news for Flicx UK, manufacturers of the world's most versatile, portable cricket wicket

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Introducing the all-new Flicx website.

After weeks of work behind the scenes, launch day is finally here. Flicx welcomes the...
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2G Flicx Pitch Bounce Report

Background Information: Wednesday 13th July 2022 11:30am 17˚C Clear Sky Wind – 6mph Location: Whitelands...
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2G Flicx Pitch highlights of the 2022 cricket season

The 2022 English cricket season has now come to an end. Schools and clubs up...
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How the versatility of a 2G Flicx Pitch will help grow your cricket participation.

Cricket participation at schools and clubs is often hindered by many limiting factors, such as…
Kate’s Flicx Pitch Bucket List 2022
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Wembley, The Hundred & the South Pole! Kate’s Flicx Pitch Bucket List 2022

Since 1997 Flicx has been taking cricket to places it's never been played before and…
CKPL X Flicx
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Our top 2G Flicx Pitch projects of 2021 and how they are helping to develop cricket

Here we look back at our top 2G Flicx Pitch projects of 2021 in what…
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Spend less time setting up and more time playing on 2G Flicx Pitches Indoors

As winter has arrived and the Festive season is in full swing, sees the start…
GCF web
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The Grassroots Cricket Fund is supporting the purchase of Flicx Pitches to help expand junior facilities

Flicx UK are pleased to link with the Grassroots Cricket Fund for the 2021/22 season...
Lucian Home Academy
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2G Flicx Home Cricket Academy – “How it’s made”

While most people choose to roll their Flicx pitches out on short grass in a...
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End of season OFFER – SAVE over £200 on the 10m Batting Skills End and £345 on a Senior Multi Age Pitch this November

More 2G Flicx Pitches this season than ever before have been purchased to grow the...
Flicx News, Product Info

3 ways to extend a cricket season with Flicx pitches

With winter and the festive season rolling in again means the cricket season has been...
Australian Clubs Flicx Pitch Case Study
Flicx News

Access a share of $15,000 of Cricket Australia funding towards 2G Flicx Pitches

Cricket Australia and Flicx UK are working in partnership to provide funding towards portable, roll...
South Hobart Sandy Bay Cricket Club
Flicx News

Flicx Pitch order window opens in Australia with early bird offer

Flicx UK are proud to be continuing to develop our partnership with Cricket Australia to...
Multi Age Pitch
Flicx News

How Flicx artificial cricket pitches are helping clubs grow

Artificial cricket pitches have come a long way since the cricket matting of my school...
Top Picks of 2020
Flicx News

Flicx UK’s Top Picks of 2020 | How We Adapted

2020 really was a year in the history books. In what was such an eventful...
#AskAsh, Flicx News

NEW Home Cricket Academy Bundles | Create an incredible Flicx training facility

Here at Flicx, We are incredibly proud to announce the launch of our NEW Home...
Flicx Indoor Cricket Matting
Flicx News

Indoor Cricket Nets | Solution with 2G Flicx Pitch

Does your Club or School need an indoor cricket nets solution this winter? The 2G...
2G Flicx Pitch at Home
Flicx News, Product Info

Backyard Cricket Pitch | Practice cricket at home

The 2G Flicx Pitch is an incredible surface to enable you to play a better quality of backyard cricket in your home. With Flicx its possible to create a home cricket net / batting cage where you can practice cricket […]


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