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With Flicx you can play cricket, anytime, anywhere!

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Flicx Pitches clip together, turning grass and synthetic fields, playgrounds and sportshalls into fantastic cricket venues enabling schools and clubs to play cricket, anytime, anywhere!

The summer of 2019 saw cricket enjoy its highest profile since the 2005 Ashes. Ben Stokes has become the superhero who children pretend to be, thanks to his World Cup and Ashes heroics, while parks and playgrounds around the country hosted recreations of that Jack Leach single.

But a standard patch of grass isn’t always suited to cricket especially those often present in a school environment. Grass fields can be uneven and slow, making bowling difficult and ineffective while a dodgy bounce can take the enjoyment out of batting and in the worst cases, is unsafe. Curating a turf wicket takes a great deal of time, expense and expertise and this is a major barrier to the game growing around the world but a great solution to this issue is provided by Flicx UK and their 2G Flicx Pitch. “It is a portable roll-out cricket wicket,” said Kate Costin from the Northamptonshire based business. “It can convert any firm flat area into a cricket pitch.”

Article taken from The Cricketer Magazines Top 100 Schools Guide

The idea was devised in 1997 by founder Richard Beghin who, after the apartheid era, wanted to bring communities in South Africa together through sport. The portable design was immediately popular in areas where accessing a wicket is more difficult for example inner-cities or in countries where cricket is developing fast” Costin told The Cricketer.

“Any green space like a park or school football/ rugby fields or increasingly synthetic pitches, can be turned into a cricket pitch plus the 2G Flicx Pitches versatility means the same wicket can be rolled out in sports halls or to create additional nets or repair worn out astro strips. This pop-up concept opens the game up to areas to more players and creates a better standard of match or practice. In addition, the longevity and durability of the product makes Flicx a hugely cost-effective option whilst it is very low maintenance providing you follow the ground preparation advice provided.

One of the largest markets for 2G Flicx Pitch is UK schools. Whether it is an urban school that doesn’t have the space required for a full pitch, or a school that has a rapidly growing cricket programme with new teams to accommodate, Flicx provides a simple solution.

“It’s absolutely transformed the standard of cricket that we can teach and means we can now host matches against other schools.”- Mark Costin, Sacred Heart School (Battersea)

Flicx Pitches are remarkably simple to assemble. Weighing 67kg per batting end, the pitch arrives in two half pitch rolls with a safety trolley on which to transport it. The two halves clip and zip together in the middle to form your full-length wicket and it takes one person only 10 minutes to roll out. A short wait is then advised to let the pitch settle and mould to the under surface before play.

Different pitch designs are available from Flicx as well as batting ends for indoor nets or to host junior games on the outfield. The popular 2G Flicx Multi-Age Pitch (MAP) for example has three different wicket lengths demarcated so you can host different age groups on the same pitch, just by moving the stumps. Coaching pitches also form part of the range with bright colour coded zones providing visual targets for both batters and bowlers whilst logo and branding options are available as every pitch is hand made to order.

“The 2G Flicx skills pitch has been a fantastic addition for our cricketers for their winter training. Both batters and bowlers have benefited from more visual cues and targets, both individually and against each other” – Simon Francis, Warwick School

Play cricket, anytime, anywhere!

Flicx UK can make any bespoke designs that clubs and schools are looking for whilst customers are impressed on the improved 2G surface which offers good pace and bounce and is grippier providing additional turn for spinners. Batters can play their shots in confidence with a true, realistic and consistent bounce which just like playing on grass which has to be the ultimate performance compliment.

Towns are growing which means the areas suitable for cricket are shrinking. And for those with the space, maintaining wickets can be costly and time-consuming. But, after the cricketing summer of all cricketing summers, Flicx are ensuring that game is accessible to anyone who wants to pick up a bat.

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