Flicx Pitch rolls and trolley

In todays day and age – its important that all plastic is recycled taking into consideration both environmental and economic matters The 2G Flicx Pitch is made from a material that can be fully recycled up to ten times before it comes to the end of its useful life.

The procedure is very simple…

When your Pitch comes to an end of its useful life, its important that it gets taken down to your local recycler..

Depending in which country a or city you live or play cricket- the procedure may vary! However most recyclers will accept the product at no charge or even offer to collect.. Simply Google “ Plastic Recycler” and follow the procedures on the site.. Alternatively please drop Gary an email on gary@flicx.co.uk for further assistance.

Environmental Consideration

Our key supplier for the Flicx Cricket Pitch is Roland Plastics, an established plastic injection trade moulder who has a firm commitment to environmental issues regarding the long term use of plastics. All of RPL products are produced as long term solutions for many different industries such as food, recreation, medical, precision engineering to name just a few, and all items are installed for long term use and are not single use disposables. In addition RPL produces a range of flooring products one of which – Durapath – is produced from 100% recycled material.

Roland Plastics endeavour to recycle all plastic waste materials as plastic articles or waste can be usefully recycled up to 10 times. In addition the company is well on the way to achieve the next ISO standard 14001 which deals in particular with environmental issue and adherence to “green” policies.

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