Disability Cricket and Flicx Pitches.

Recently Flicx has been involved with Surrey Cricket Foundation bringing and allowing more cricket to be played across Surrey for all ages and all abilities. Over the course of the year Flicx has played a part in Surrey Disability Day 2022 and Valley End Cricket Club Disability Festival, both of which were a great success. […]

How Flicx Pitches are playing a role in disability cricket development

Flicx Pitches have become such a popular product over the 24 years due to the versatility, portability, and consistent true performance of the pitch. More recently, playing a role in the development of disability cricket. The varying lengths, sizes, and designs of pitches Flicx, offers the freedom to boost participation and promote the growth of […]

The Flicx Home Cricket Academy – “How does it play??”

In a previous blog post we provided the information needed to build your own Home Academy. This article will describe how the pitch played on the artificial sub surface. The sub artificial surface made from compact aggregate produced a robust surface for the Flicx cricket pitch to be rolled out on. The sub surface is […]

2G Flicx Home Cricket Academy – “How it’s made”

Lucian Home Academy

While most people choose to roll their Flicx pitches out on short grass in a home setting accompanied by a net and stumps. For those whose gardens are soft, uneven or for families looking to play cricket all year round. Creating a sub artificial base for your home academy is a quick and a relatively […]

3 ways to extend a cricket season with Flicx pitches

With winter and the festive season rolling in again means the cricket season has been put to bed until next spring. We at Flicx have been looking at ways to help you extend your season and enjoy your cricket all the way through winter. The possibility of training all the way through winter will allow […]

Jake Cheesman, Penhurst CC

“The 2G Flicx Pitch has been brilliant for us, we have been able to use for our Ladies softball, U11 softball and U11 hardball matches. It provides good consistent boundary and players can play their shots. “

The “Chirp” around Flicx pitches on Jersey

 James Caunt, the Director of Cricket at Chirpy’s Cricket Club from Jersey kindly gave us an interview about his experiences with the 2G Flicx Cricket pitch and how it has become a valuable resource to their Cricket Club. Furthermore, stating about his future aspirations for the Club.  James started Chripy’s Cricket Club in 2017 in […]

Local Business Supporting Grassroots Junior Cricket | Shadwell CC & Harpo’s Pizza

Shadwell CC

How Harpo’s sponsorship enabled Shadwell CC to purchase a 2G Flicx Pitch… There is only so much growth that grassroots sports clubs can facilitate and fund in house through using club funds or internal fundraising. Clubs often look towards grants from local sports partnerships and their national governing bodies; However, a more sustainable way of […]

Perfectly purple, portable pitches at Kimbolton School

Kimbolton School

Perfectly purple, portable pitches were delivered to the Kimbolton School sports department ahead of the new cricket term with the cricket and PE staff feedback hugely positive in terms of performance and usability after the initial use across the schools cricket programme. “The bespoke 2G Flicx Pitches will make a massive difference to our cricket […]

Flicx supports the Cricket Kids Premier League (CKPL)

CKPL X Flicx

The Cricket Kids Premier League (CKPL) is now underway and looks incredible hosted on a custom designed pink 2G Flicx Junior Skills Pitch rolled over a blue hockey astroturf … the Indian Premier League (IPL) maybe on hold but the Cricket Kids Premier League is the tournament to watch online this summer! Rolling the 2G […]