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How Harpo’s sponsorship enabled Shadwell CC to purchase a 2G Flicx Pitch…

There is only so much growth that grassroots sports clubs can facilitate and fund in house through using club funds or internal fundraising. Clubs often look towards grants from local sports partnerships and their national governing bodies; However, a more sustainable way of expanding can be created through forming partnerships with local businesses. This is exactly what Shadwell Cricket Club and Harpo’s Pizza did in Yorkshire, UK to fund their new 2G Flicx Pitch

Shadwell CC often face with wet conditions in the early season meaning that they can’t put players on their main grass square. Instead of investing the time, effort and financial cost to install a permanent all-weather cricket surface; a 2G Flicx Pitch offered the same benefits at a lower cost and in a quicker time frame paired with being able to offer more and different formats of the game to juniors!

The Club partnered with local business, Harpo’s Pizza, to invest in a Mini Multi Age Pitch (MAP) with crease markings put in at 17 yards for U11s and 15 yards for U9s; as well as Shadwell CC and Harpo’s Pizza branding in the middle of the wicket.

Harpo’s Pizza is a small family business that Shadwell CC member, Will Smith, inherited and now oversees. Harpo’s was established back in 1978 when Will’s uncle brought the idea of takeaway pizza back from a trip to Hawaii. Setting up the first takeaway shop in Leeds – alongside KFC!

Shadwell Nets

Shadwell CC’s 2G Flicx Pitch has most recently been used for private sessions in the nets for members to book, as well as for coached batting sessions in the nets. Plans are to utilise the pitch further for training and games over the summer on the outfield.

“Even in the short time that we’ve had the pitch, I can think of one player amongst many whose game has come on massively… just from batting on a true surface with reasonable bounce, He has learnt to bat better in the past 2/3 weeks on the 2G Flicx Pitch than he has in the past season!”

Richard Vincent, Shadwell CC

Will has been associated with Shadwell since he was 9 years old as a junior; and although he doesn’t play too often anymore, he still wants to do what he can for the juniors and club in general.

“Helping out the Club is an ideal opportunity for us to get our name out there and on further thought, was a no brainer! Harpo’s branding on the pitch looks great and was something tangible for us to invest in”

Will Smith, Harpos Pizza

Richard Vincent (Secretary at Shadwell CC) and Will spearheaded the project to invest in a Flicx Pitch for the junior section and collaborated with the Club, ECB and Harpo’s Pizza to see the project through – drawing funding from various pots.

“Keen for the Club to grow and develop altogether and there is only so much a Club can do internally through volunteers in parents and players.”

Will Smith, Harpos Pizza

Richard and Will over the coming year or so have further plans for their Business Outreach Project, all in the name of creating long lasting beneficial partnerships to both parties to grow and expand the Club’s facilities and equipment.

“External funding and assistance from local businesses is invaluable to local sports club’s growth of the game in the local area – this is where Harpo’s sees their influence being most felt in the community.”

Will Smith, Harpos Pizza

About Shadwell Cricket Club

Shadwell Cricket Club was founded in 1895 and is located just to the north of Leeds in Yorkshire, UK. Fielding 3x senior men’s teams that play Saturday, as well as senior mixed midweek team Shadwell CC certainly offer a lot for a local village cricket club. Shadwell CC also have a large junior section, offering age group cricket to boys and girls from ages 5 to 18.


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