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Indoor Cricket Matting – Experience the difference with Flicx!

Indoor Cricket Matting

If you are looking for new indoor cricket matting then look no further than the 2G Flicx Pitch, the world’s most portable, versatile, cricket surface solution for clubs and schools. Many customers are using their 2G Flicx Pitch for indoor nets due to its excellent performance and ease of use. Flicx pitches are quick and easy to roll out and back up and require minimal storage space whilst you have the added versatility and cost effectiveness of being able to use the same pitch outdoors to create additional cricket wickets, upgrade nets or to take pressure off your main square during the main season.

Traditional indoor cricket matting is very cumbersome and becomes wavy and worn quickly so needs replacing regularly. Indeed, players find this type of cricket matting unrealistic to match conditions … for bowlers their line and length can be different as generally you get too much pace and bounce on hard floors so for batters there is a disconnect in timings between indoor nets and the low, slow early season club wickets generally on offer.

The 2G Flicx Pitch indoor difference

The 2G Flicx Pitch will enhance your indoor cricket experience and provides a consistent surface suitable for all year-round indoor training, practice and instruction for players of all levels of ability. Our 2G tile is of premium quality, pitches UK hand made to order, and the surface is grippy yet soft so offers good bounce and carry so no head height deliveries! For bowlers there is realistic turn and seam movement whilst for batters the ball comes onto the bat encouraging stroke play off the front and back foot. The result is a much more realistic indoor nets or training session.

Furthermore, the 2G Flicx Pitch doesn’t corrugate or wave so there is no movement or slide or requirement to tape the mat down. The Flicx roll down cricket mats can be put out by one person in a matter of minutes as the video below demonstrates and are pitches should be stored upright on their end so will take up less than 50cm squared per roll in your storeroom.

“Flicx have created an indoor cricket mat truer than any other mat we have played on. Favouring neither batsmen nor bowlers, this is an excellent piece of kit which will help youngsters develop their cricket and adults hone their skills – highly recommended for any club” – Southwold CC

“It is really important for effective cricket coaching – especially for batting and bowling – that the training surface provides a consistent and good bounce. At our local sports hall we tried to use hard balls on a fibre mat laid on their sprung wooden floor, but it wasn’t successful as the ball didn’t bounce at all – it simply died on the surface. Our new 2G Flicx mat dealt successfully with this problem – the bounce using hard balls was good and trustworthy, comparable to an outdoor surface for both seam and spin bowling. We now train much more effectively in the hall with both colts and seniors for example use the bowling machine there for the first time.”- Says Mike Lanning of Dartfordians CC

How will the 2G Flicx Pitch perform at your venue

  • Synthetic or Vinyl Flooring – The 2G Flicx Pitch works well on most synthetic sports hall floors including vinyl which is popular in schools and leisure centres. On more modern floors which have a more pronounced sprung effect the bounce can be lower… Contact us for more detailed guidance here.
  • Indoor carpets – Many cricket academies or indoor centres, have a synthetic carpet installed over the whole area. Using a 2G Flicx Pitch over the top of these surfaces will give you great performance and the frequent application is to upgrade worn carpets or make a more identifiable pitch with crease or skills marking
  • Wooden Sprung Floors – The bounce can be varied results due to the many methods of construction of wooden sprung floors but generally the performance is suitable for both hard and soft ball cricket.

A quick review of the benefits of our 2G Flicx as indoor cricket matting

• Realistic pace and bounce
• Quick and easy set up
• Efficient storage
• Lightweight but no taping required
• Durable and long lasting
• VERSATILE – the same pitch is used outdoors for the main season with a range of applications to help your club create additional match and practice facilities.

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