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Cricket pitch logo printing | #AskAsh Episode 5

Cricket pitch logo printing

In episode 5, Ash chats all things cricket pitch logo printing. We make an exciting trip to our printing partners Senecio premises and show you the process of printing corporate or club/school logo’s onto our 2G Flicx Pitches. Watch the Essex Eagles logo being printed on their new 2G Flicx T20 participation pitch – the colours are matched the the intricate details so precise.

Could your club attract a sponsor to help fund you a portable, roll out pitch to help you grow your facilities?? We are getting increasing interest from partners that are able to attract investment in return for the advertising space on the pitch as its a key PR tool with regards to match photography especially with cricket programmes looking to boost participation. Here are just a few examples of the great logo branding we have produced for clients…

Some of the great benefits would also include the fact that a logo can be taken out of the pitch and replaced as sponsors change. We can pretty much do any size you wish and now with tweaks to the pre-treatment and adhesives used, the logo’s are much more hard wearing. The cost of the logo printing is from £250 but we have examples of clubs selling this space for £500-£1000 per season or corporate sponsors actually purchasing 2G Flicx crickets for projects. (NB- we can match pantone shades on the Flicx Pitch tiles too on request)

For more information on logo printing or for a quote for a 2G Flicx Pitch for your club, school or home visit Missed an episode of #AshAsk – binge watch them all at

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