Artificial Sub Base

The most common application of the 2G Flicx Pitch in a home environment is rolled out on grass. However, if you want to play cricket in your garden but your lawn is slopped, uneven or the turf is unsuitable then one low cost solution is to create a sub base with your chosen Flicx Pitch rolled on top.

Here is what you will need to do to create an artificial base for your home cricket pitch – no adhesive or taping required to fix in place!

  1. Measure out the exact size of the pitch and dig it out … Dig to 4 to 6 inches deep. Hiring a small digger would be best here but if you are prepared to use muscle, then a spade will do the job. 
  2. Create a surround with wood and insert the wood around the sides so that it is 10 mm lower that the top of the grass / ground. Source standard cheap timber planks the same width as the depth of the excavation
  3. Place a membrane at the bottom to inhibit the growth of weeds
  4. Back fill and compact with aggregate ‘’mot type 1 ‘’ is the suggested and cheapest fill from the likes of Travis Perkins, B&Q, Wickes
  5. The last 2 inches, it is best to remove all particles larger than 10 mm from the aggregate and then compact with a ‘Waca’ plate until hard and level with the wooden surround
  6. Roll out your 2G Flicx Pitch. It should cover the wooden surround all the way around and should now be the same level as the grass

Our standard size pitches are 4m x 1.4m or 7.5m x 1.6m so this is a good guide in terms of creating your wooden surround size.

  • For a 4m  pitch sub base you will need approximately 0.5 – 1 m2 of mot type 1 depending your depth (4 inches or 6 inches) OR for a 7.5m pitch sub base you will need 1- 2 m2  depending as above. The cost of 0.5 m2 is approximately £60 to £90 depending where you buy (24/04/2020)

There are a number of advantages to creating an artificial sub base:

  • It’s totally maintenance free
  • It allows for a much longer cricket season, as it can be used all through winter as it will remain firm and flat
  • Water will drain through the aggregate
  • It allows your 2G Flicx Home Cricket Pitch to remain in situ on a permanent basis
  • It’s a low cost solution

If you do need any further ground or garden preparation advice or guidance, we are happy to chat on the phone on +44(0)1295 816765 or email

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