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How the versatility of a 2G Flicx Pitch will help grow your cricket participation.

Cricket participation at schools and clubs is often hindered by many limiting factors, such as the early winter nights, wet outfields, pressure on the square, and limited space to play more cricket. A reason the 2G Flicx Pitch has become such a popular product among clubs and schools around the world is due to the versatility it offers. Here are 4 reasons how Flicx Pitches can help you boost participation and play cricket for longer.

  1. Pitch Versatility – The varying lengths, sizes, and designs of pitches Flicx offers, provides clubs and schools with the freedom to boost participation. Our most popular pitch the Multi Age Pitch comes with up to 4 crease line options allowing all ages to play on one pitch without the difficulty of working out different pitch lengths and crease lines. Furthermore, our Skills design pitch commonly used indoors, comes with a traditional green match design, built in crease markings and 3-colour coded coaching zones on the pitch. This is ideal for young bowlers to find their lines and lengths as well as aid batsmen on their decision making.

2. Extend your season – As September rolls in and the nights get longer, for most the season is over and done with for another dark cold winter. However, some customers have improvised and with the adaptability the pitch offers allowed them to extend their season. Eastbourne Cricket Club continued their cricket season into winter by playing hard ball games on an AstroTurf field giving them that longer season we all wish we had, while most had to wait for indoor winter nets to start again.

Eastbourne Cricket Club playing cricket on Astroturf

3. Expand cricket facilities – The adaptability of the Flicx Pitch, gives clubs around the world the opportunity to play on many different surfaces and in differing conditions to get that cricket fix. Bahrain Rugby Football club recently held a tournament on their synthetic rugby field which resulted in a great success. The Cricket Kids Premier League (CKPL) an innovative tournament, used a custom pink Flicx pitch to play on a hockey pitch. The tournament was held in an IPL franchise style format that the players loved. Furthermore, the Flicx pitch can be moved indoors providing extra lanes and is a popular alternative to the heavy outdated Astro-carpet surfaces commonly rolled out at an indoor net session.

4. Protects the Square – The Flicx pitch is not only a benefit to the players using the pitch but also groundsmen. As the year goes on and the square becomes strained under the pressure of constant usage. The Flicx pitches offers the opportunity to move junior games onto the outfield to take the strain off the square. This has the great benefit of allowing multiple games to be played at once on the outfield which can increase bar/catering revenues and can help build a great club social atmosphere. The versatile aspect of the 2G Flicx Pitch means that it can simply be split into two separate surfaces for games to be played on at the same time. Clubs and schools have also been allowed to start their seasons earlier whilst the grounds team are still preparing the grass wickets. The 2G Flicx pitch can just be rolled out on the outfield or over the main square (without damage) and play can begin.

2G Flicx pitches allowing for multiple games on the outfield in Australia.

If you’re a cricket club looking to boost cricket participation, increase more training/matches, need a quote or any further information please contact us or check out our online shop

Kate Costin (Marketing & General Manager) is the best contact to discuss your club’s needs and what you’re looking to do or you can call the office on 01295 816765.

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