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How Flicx Pitches are playing a role in disability cricket development

Flicx Pitches have become such a popular product over the 24 years due to the versatility, portability, and consistent true performance of the pitch. More recently, playing a role in the development of disability cricket.

The varying lengths, sizes, and designs of pitches Flicx, offers the freedom to boost participation and promote the growth of disability cricket.

Our most popular pitch the Multi Age Pitch comes with up to 4 crease line options allowing all ages to play on one pitch without the difficulty of working out different pitch lengths and crease lines.

Furthermore, our Skills design pitch comes with a traditional green match design, built in crease markings and 3-colour coded coaching zones on the pitch. This is ideal for bowlers to find their lines and lengths as well as aid batsmen on their decision making.

The versatility of the pitch has been a hit in disability cricket, the design of the Flicx Pitch allows for clubs and foundations to design pitches with varying colours to help with visually impaired cricket. The versatility of the colours can enhance the contrast between the ball and the pitch and improve the game for all.  

“We are excited about the possibilities to refine the colours of the pitch to enhance the enjoyment of players with a visual impairment and to improve the effectiveness of coaching for all participants.”- Neil Bunting

Furthermore, the performance of the Flicx Pitch allows for a “true”, consistent surface with realistic bounce that is safe to play on and creates a safe environment for all participants to develop their cricketing skills.

“the ability to play two games on one pitch on reliable, true, and safe outfield pitches made the whole event much simpler to manage”- Adrian Gale

Flicx looks forward to further playing a role in developing and growing disability cricket across the United Kingdom.

If you require any further information or would like a quote, do get in touch with our helpful team at or email or call us on 01295 816765

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