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Artificial cricket pitches have come a long way since the cricket matting of my school days where the worn carpet in the nets was more for decorative purposes.

Now, cricket clubs and schools are able to enjoy reliable bounce on surfaces that seam and spin, thanks to the latest generation of roll-out, non-turf cricket pitches.

In this partnership with Flicx, we’ll look at how clubs can make the most of these pitches to play more games and use their existing spaces in a smart way. The original article can be found on the Cricket Yorkshire website and is shared with permission from author John Fuller

What is a Flicx 2G cricket pitch?

Flicx is now synonymous with their portable artificial cricket pitch that can be rolled out on any flat surface to get the game on.

Matches have been played on Mount Everest, down a lead mine and closer to home, on the beach at Scarborough.

In between these headline-grabbing locations lies a myriad of cricket clubs across the world using Flicx.

Its popularity stems from being able to use a Flicx for adult and junior cricket, training or matches, hard ball or soft ball and outdoors or indoors.

They come in a variety of sizes (full pitch to batting end), age ranges and designs. (Shop the 2021 2G Flicx Pitch range)

From a Skills Pitch with colourful bowling targets to Eagle Eye that reflects the Hawk-Eye referral system or match pitches, all options are covered.

New season, new approach?

If you’re ready for the 2021 season with plans to start or grow your junior section, perhaps launch women and girls cricket, here’s 6 reasons to get excited about a Flicx:

  1. More home games – Clubs can hold 2-4 matches simultaneously; that’s more bar and catering revenue
  2. It’s portable – This means it can be rolled up and transported to multiple sites with minimal fuss.
  3. True bounce – Whatever format, age group or standard, the reliable bounce of a cricket pitch is integral to everything.
  4. Durable – You want an artificial cricket pitch you can trust to last for years. Value for money is important and these are built to last a decade or more.
  5. Happy groundsman – A Flicx pitch takes pressure off a cricket square by hosting games on the outfield.
  6. Peace of mind – With a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and a money-back guarantee too, clubs can buy with confidence.

Club cricket: Beckenham boost capacity

Beckenham Cricket Club in Kent used a 2G Flicx Pitch to enable them to play two matches at the same time.

It meant they could host four matches on Thursdays with pairs and T20 game formats. It enabled the season for juniors to stretch out far longer than it used to.

Beckenham then decided to buy a second 22.12m Multi-Age Pitch for the juniors when their main square was renovated in 2020, which meant no cricket on grass at home.

Growing Junior Cricket with Beckenham Cricket Club

The solution of artificial cricket pitches got the thumbs-up as Amanda Combes, Beckenham’s Junior Secretary observed:

“When we released pent-up lockdown demand, parents thanked us for putting on more cricket and giving their children a chance to safely exercise, socialise, laugh and play during a tough year.”

Have a chat with Flicx

If you’re a cricket club looking to start junior cricket or increase more training and matches, fill in your details here, to arrange a call back.

Kate Costin is the best contact to discuss your club’s needs and what you’re looking to do.

Her email is or she can be reached via the head office on 01295 816765.

To follow Flicx on Twitter, they’re @FlicxPitch or you can ‘Like’ the Flicx Facebook page for updates.

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