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Flicx UK’s Top Picks of 2020 | How We Adapted

Top Picks of 2020

2020 really was a year in the history books. In what was such an eventful year, here is Flicx UK’s Top Picks of 2020 and how we adapted during a year unlike no other!

When the COVID-19 pandemic flew onto the global scene, it was on the eve of the new UK cricket season. Over night we lost our core domestic market and likewise, our overseas market also took a hit. However, it was heartening to see how the game adapted globally and what followed were some amazing cricketing stories with Flicx Pitches!

Home & Garden Cricket

Lockdowns across the world forcing players and coaches to stay at home. It was only a matter of time before content of garden cricket games and home training facilities were being posted on social media; this certainly didn’t take long!

The Garden Cricket video that went VIRAL on Facebook and Twitter at the start of Lockdown 1.0! (SPOILER: He gets bowled by his sister!) Courtesy of @KRobbo!

Then we had Jackson Bentley (a.k.a. @TheCricketKid) keeping cricketers young and old entertained on Instagram! A big highlight for us is Jackson’s GLOW CRICKET session! Dark winter net sessions made fun with flashing balls and glow sticks!

Cricket Overseas

Back in January, Stones & Feathers hosted their Ever Rolling Trophy Indoor Cricket Tournament on a 2G Flicx Pitch in India. A shorter format game where the best teams in Kerala competed for the first ever trophy! Read our blog on Stones & Feathers here!

South Perth Junior Cricket Club were one of the first Club’s to receive 2G Flicx Pitches as part of the Toyota Good for Cricket Raffle; with help from the Cricket Australia Grassroots Fund. With a 2G Flicx Pitch, SPJCC were able to create more cricket pitches in public parks increasing capacity; as well as make better use of their outfield. Read our blog on Flicx Pitches at SPJCC here!

Cricket Australia and Flicx UK teamed up to provide a subsidised group order opportunity for Clubs in the 2020 season. After a successful order period, a container full of pitches was dispatched to Australia back in September! Handmade and loaded by Rob, Gary and Jack at Flicx HQ, Northamptonshire.

In October, Cricket Sweden hosted their Women’s T10 Indoor Finals in an indoor football hall on a 2G Flicx Pitch in the city of Växjö. With some clubs collaborating, 6 teams competed from 8 Clubs and DIF x Guttsta were winners on finals day! #T10LadiesVäxjö

Also in October, Merbein South Cricket Club began fundraising to create more facilities for their junior section! Raising over $10,000 AUD on Go Fund Me to purchase two Extra Length Multi Age Pitches! Read our blog on Merbein South CC’s fundraiser here!

Post Lockdown Cricket

With Lockdown 1.0 postponing cricket from starting, new venues were sourced to extend the season to make it playable.

Balbriggan Cricket Club hosted junior cricket sessions during the winter months at Geleb North Football Club’s astroturf. Whilst Eastbourne Cricket Club gave an original Flicx Pitch a new lease of life with their junior section! Playing midweek evening games under lights on a hockey astro! | @BalbrigganCC & @EastbourneCC

With a summer that didn’t disappoint when concerning weather, The Cricket District took to Eastbourne Beach for a 1 Over Beach Cricket Challenge!  | @CricketDistrict

Extending the season became the name of the game late on in the summer! Munster Cricket Union hosting a T20 league on a 2G Flicx Pitch to give fixtures to cricketers in the area. | @LimerickCricket

School Cricket

Post Lockdown 1.0, Cathedral School Sport used their Flicx Pitch to create extra net facilities for 1:1 training by rolling them out on the outfield. They couldn’t play, so they trained! | @CSLCardiffSport

Plus many more Club, School and Association partnerships! We even sent our first pitch to the Turks & Caicos Islands.

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