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Flicx providing instant access to training facilities at home with a Home Academy Bundle.

Recently Flicx had the opportunity to speak to one of our Home Academy customers about his experience with the 2G Flicx Pitch and how it has revolutionised cricket training and allowed his son to develop skills and passion for the game of cricket in the comfort of his back yard. Thanks to Chris Turner and his son Gabriel (7) for their time to offer us feedback on their 2G Flicx experience.

Chris first came across Flicx through some online research when looking for artificial surfaces, from there on he got in contact with the Flicx sales team. After discussions, Chris purchased a 7.5m Home Academy which consisted of a 7.5m Junior Skills Batting End, Dimension GS5 batting net, stumps, and the Dimension 176X bowling machine.  

The 2G Flicx Pitch has provided a safe, true, and consistent surface for Gabriel to develop his cricketing skills and passion for the sport in the back yard. Chris has particularly been pleased with the performance of the pitch creating a true bounce for his son to practice his ball striking and to enjoy the contest between bat and ball or in this case Father and son.

“The pitch has been an excellent tool for developing my 7-year old’s batting and bowling skills. We’ve been using it with a bowling machine to encourage my son to play forward and it’s been particularly useful for gauging line and length when he’s bowling.

I suppose what has been most impactful has been how ‘true’ the bounce has been. This has encouraged more consistent striking”

The Home Academy Bundle has become a popular product for customers in the UK, with the opportunity to turn you back garden in a high-performance training centre for children or adults. The Home Academy has allowed customers to enjoy their cricket and be able to train and improves their abilities in the comfort of their home.

“It’s meant we’ve had instant access to practice facilities at home. No waiting for the next training session. Also, it’s allowed my son to develop his own game and his own style of batting and bowling without peer pressure.”

The Pitch has been a great hit at the Turner household amongst Dad and Son with many battles in the back yard between bat and ball. The 2G Flicx Pitch has also been a fan favourite for the adults who have been impressed and even taken guard to face some fearsome leg spin from Gabriel.

“Gabriel has enjoyed hitting sixes and loves bowling me out, everyone has been impressed with it and some of the adults have even taken guard or had a bowl!”

 In general, the Pitch has done exactly what has been required and expected of it creating a true consistent wicket for all to improve their game and skills, the opportunity to grow a passion for cricket and to create memories and fun in the back yard.

“Overall, the biggest benefit has been that it’s allowed Gabriel to learn new skills in comfortable surroundings with good equipment and in turn this has enabled me to develop and nurture his understanding of cricket to the extent that he now understands many of the laws of the game.

This last summer really has seen him develop a passion for the game and he’s now on the Lancashire Cricket coaching pathway.”

Flicx UK would like to thank Chris Turner and Gabriel for their time to speak to us and offer some feedback on their pitch and experience with it. We wish Gabriel all the luck at Lancashire cricket and hope to see his big turning leg spin in the future.

Kate Costin (Marketing & General Manager) is the best contact to discuss your needs and what you’re looking to do or you can call the office on 01295 816765.

To follow Flicx on Twitter, head to @FlicxPitch or you can ‘Like’ the Flicx Facebook page for updates.

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