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Flicx Pitches growing cricket in Germany

Flicx Pitches growing cricket in Germany

Flicx Pitches are crucial to the growth of cricket in Germany according to CCB Bayern. Cricket in Germany is growing at a rapid pace with the Bayern Province for example expanding from 6 teams in 2013 to now 40 in 2019!!

Finding suitable facilities for cricket can be a challenge in Germany and typically grass football pitches or parks owned by the council are turned into cricket ovals over the summer season. Generally, clubs have three wicket options …

  1. Astro which is generally unpopular or not allowed by the facility owner due to the conflict with football users
  2. Wooden planks hammered into the ground where the bounce is generally quite low or
  3. 2G Flicx Pitches

One club who invested in an original Flicx Pitch and last year purchased a second 2G Flicx Match Pitch was CCB Bayern (Cricket club of Bayern CCB e.V.) where the team is made up of ex pats from India, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and the like as well as a few enthusiastic locals. The club now has 2 men’s sides, 2 men’s tennis ball T10 squad and also youth and ladies sections so the appetite for the game is huge. Tennis ball cricket is also a very popular version of the sport especially amongst newer players.

Preparation Care

At Cricket Club of Bayern Vice chairman & Captain of 1st Team Soundar Alagesan reports how club members all chip in to create the best possible surface for their matches and training. Before they roll out their 2G Flicx wicket, the grass is cut short and their pitch clipped together in the middle before being rolled out and left for a short while to settle. This coming season the club will also be able to level and even off their base to achieve a more regular bounce and an even better playing surface, so Bavarian opposition beware!

Soundar confirms “Our 2G Flicx Pitch is really good. Our bowlers really like it and we have achieved considerable success this season with the bat. It’s similar to Australian conditions so the pitch is firm and quick. We are excited to improve things further by levelling off the base on which the 2G Flicx Pitch is laid and hopefully that will see continued success for the club” We host hard ball cricket league games, T10 and tennis ball tournaments and the standard of play is very high as cricket in Germany goes from strength to strength. Playing on a Flicx Pitch is a really great and cost-effective option for us and we are very happy with our pitches performance”

Flicx Pitches are crucial to the growth of cricket in Germany so other clubs in Germany or globally looking to develop their facilities can see  GET A QUOTE including a bespoke delivery cost to your location.

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