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Flicx Pitch bounce – what is it like on different surfaces?

Flicx Pitch bounce surfaces

The 2G Flicx Pitch surface gives you a realistic bounce very similar to what you would achieve on a natural turf wicket when you follow our simple ground preparation guidelines. The 2G Flicx Pitch can be rolled out on any firm, flat surface and gives you a consistent bounce with the grippy surface offering assistance for spinners whilst for batters, the ball comes onto the bat nicely allowing shots to be played in confidence. Since the launch of the significant 2G tile improvement, clubs, schools and homes all around the world have been taking advantage of the pitch’s complete versatility and ability to increase the standard of matches and are using it to create new or expanding existing cricket facilities.

We are frequently asked what the bounce will be like on different sub surfaces and it does vary based on factors like climate and preparation and it will certainly mirror the under surface but read on for some more insight on the Flicx Pitches performance and suitability to be rolled out on different surfaces.

Flicx Pitch bounce on grass

This footage was taken in Bangkok at a match hosted at Wellington College’s sports ground. You can see the seam movement the bowler was able to generate in this exceptional first over spell of W10WW0. Meanwhile Iceland Cricket created a new cricket ground and hosted a T20 game where a 100 was scored! The Flicx Pitch favours neither batsmen or bowlers and is suitable for adult or junior cricket, hard ball or soft ball! For installation information click here or read / watch our 6 Steps to Success.

Flicx Pitch bounce on synthetic pitches

Upgrading worn astro’s is a popular application of the 2G Flicx Pitch – it’s a value for money solution as it doesn’t require any groundwork’s and we can make bespoke sizes as all pitches are made to order. On hockey fields, the bounce is good as with short pile rubbercrumbs however some 4G rubbercrumbs which have deep fills, the rubber can take the energy out of the ball so do ask for more detailed advice if this is your intended application.

Replacing a worn cricket astro
Replace a worn astro wicket for a fraction of the cost of a new one

Flicx Pitch bounce indoors

The 2G Flicx Pitch is a great indoor surface as it doesn’t corrugate, need taping and is much more durable versus traditional indoor matting / carpets. Both hard and soft cricket ball will give a realistic performance to allow batsmen to play their shots with confidence.

  • Wooden Sprung – The bounce can be varied results due to the many methods of construction of wooden sprung floors but generally the performance is suitable for both hard and soft ball cricket.
  • Synthetic or Vinyl Flooring – The 2G Flicx Pitch works well on most synthetic sports hall floors including vinyl which is popular in schools and leisure centres. On more modern floors which have a more pronounced sprung effect the bounce can be lower… Contact us for more detailed guidance here.
  • Indoor carpets – Many cricket academies or indoor centres, have a synthetic carpet installed over the whole area. Using a 2G Flicx Pitch over the top of these surfaces will give you great performance and the frequent application is to upgrade worn carpets or make a more identifiable pitch with crease or skills markings built in.

“Flicx have created a cricket wicket more true than any other artificial any of us have played on. Favouring neither batsmen nor bowlers, this is an excellent piece of kit which will help youngsters develop their cricket and adults hone their skills – highly recommended for any club” – Southwold CC Indoor Trials

Flicx Pitch bounce on Concrete

The bounce on concrete will be high. Playing softball cricket will be ok but for elite players, when using a leather cricket ball, we recommend using a shock pad laid underneath the Flicx pitch to reduce the bounce. We can supply a suitable shock pad option for use with the 2G Flicx Pitch.

Flicx Pitch bounce on Granite Chips or Redgra

We have various Flicx customers who have laid the pitch on granite chips, normally 7mm to dust and then compacted or on Redgra pitches. When laying on chips most would construct a wooden surround the size of the pitch and to a depth of 100 to 200mm and filled with the granite and then compacted level with the wooden surround. If the wood is 10mm lower than the grass, when the pitch is rolled on top it is all level with no edging lips…

Flicx Pitch bounce on Sand

Beach cricket festivals are a popular way to attract new players. Sydney Sixers, Cricket Yorkshire and various charity matches have taken place on 2G Flicx Pitches. Its best to play after the tide has gone out so the sand is firmer, and you can rake the strip to create a flat area to roll the pitch out on. We tend to supply batting ends or throw downs for this application and the pitch can be washed after to remove any sand particles.

If you have any questions about how the 2G Flicx Pitch will perform at your facility or for your application you can complete our “request a call back form” or email us

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