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European Cricket Clubs

This case study covers the use of the 2G Flicx Pitch to host cricket matches and training by various European Cricket Clubs. The appetite for cricket in Europe is growing rapidly with increasing support for the game in Spain, Scandinavia, Germany and Eastern Europe to name a few of the countries which we have exported the 2G Flicx Pitch too in recent years. Typically, in these developing cricket nations there are not any natural turf wickets so the 2G Flicx Pitch, being a portable, roll out solution, really fills the void and allows a high quality of match to take place with a pitch that favours neither batter or bowler. When you roll out a Flicx wicket on a firm, flat surface you can achieve good pace and bounce with just a short amount of preparation and minimal maintenance is required which makes it very cost effective. 

Applications for European Cricket Clubs include

  • Converting a grass field used for Football etc into a cricket venue
  • Rolled out on top of an existing synthetic surface (3G pitch or astro)
  • As a portable surface for indoor cricket
  • You can even play on snow and ice!!

“Our 2G Flicx Pitch has performed extremely really well so far and we have already used it on four different surfaces around the city. On grass the bounce was excellent where we pinned it down and then on three differing artificial surfaces (one which was a very old surface where the rubber was breaking up and two much newer surfaces) again we are very happy as the mat settled down nicely and quickly moulded to the under surface ahead of matches and training” – Barri Knowles, Coimbra Knights Cricket Club

“In the summer of last year, we purchased two more Flicx pitches and have spread them around the country hosting our adult leagues. You cannot put a price on what the Flicx pitch has done for cricket in Israel – it is without a doubt the best investment that we have made and without it, we would have no facilities”- Herschel Gutman, Israel Cricket Association

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