#AskAsh Episode 12

Ashley Appleby in #AskAsh Episode 12 runs through his 2G Flicx Pitch big hits of 2018 as he takes a look back at some of the projects and partnerships which Flicx UK have been part of this year. Our Top 5 hits include details of work with County Boards, Lord’s Taverners as well as Indoor Cricket, Beach Cricket and our expanding global reach sharing how the 2G Flicx Pitch is helping to create better facilities for more people to enjoy cricket.

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One of the stand out 2G Flicx Pitch big hits of 2018 is our growing partnerships with County Boards, as we use our innovative surface solutions to create alternative ways to engage people in cricket from tape ball cricket festivals with Essex to Surreys school funding programme to grow the game in state schools. Whatever the participation objective, generally the 2G Flicx Pitch is a potential solution and facility creator.

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