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Built on a passion

When founder Richard Beghin realised there weren’t enough facilities for the increasingly popular sport of cricket, especially in South Africa, he founded Flicx.

He wanted to help make South Africa a better country to live in, and his passion for his country and his love of cricket led him to develop the Flicx Cricket Pitch. In August 1997, he rolled out the first one at Telkom Country Club in Pretoria, South Africa.

In 1999, after creating a successful business in South Africa, Richard launched Flicx Cricket Pitches into the UK with a tremendous response as the pitches could be used to develop cricket in urban areas whilst the ICC ordered a number of Flicx Pitches for the development of grass roots cricket around the world. Flicx UK was formed in 2001 at its Hinton headquarters and and is now a well-recognised and respected name in cricketing circles, with a growing reputation in other sports too.

In 2014 we launched our second generation, 2G Flicx Pitch which is now manufactured in the UK and is a new softer surface with improved grip and playing performance.

Unlike its predecessor, the 2G Flicx pitches can be made bespoke to order with the colours and branding of your choice and also comes with an expanded product range featuring the colourful new skills pitch, innovative Eagle-eyed pitch and a multi age pitch (MAP).

These new designs aid the coaching of young players maintaining Richard’s belief that we can teach children at all levels, through sport, that life is about team work, individual skills and the will to win and not about selfishness, greed and individualism that they will then have a wonderful opportunity for a better way of life.

The 2G Flicx Pitch is the world’s most portable versatile cricket pitch solution for schools, clubs and back yards!

Create new or develop existing facilities by rolling out a 2G Flicx Pitch on a range of under surfaces. It’s suitable for ADULTS or JUNIORS, HARD ball or SOFT ball, OUTDOORS or INDOORS and is a POPULAR and COST-EFFECTIVE solution all round the world! 

We are proud to work with leading cricketing organisations who use the 2G Flicx Pitch to create new opportunities for more people around the world to play a better standard of cricket. With Flicx you just need a firm, flat surface so the applications are vast…


High Quality

We take great pride in the sporting products we supply. Our products and service is of the highest quality with pitches being durable, well designed and offering uses the best optimal performance.

Be wary of cheap imitations



Innovation is at the heart of our thinking at Flicx. We think different is good and our cricket pitches have been facility solutions for many years now. We are always looking to improve our products so you can improve your game!



All of our products are fun to use and that is a key part of our philosophy. Whatever level of sport you play, we believe enjoyment is a key component to you performing to the best of your ability, whatever your age or background.


Improve Your Skills

Whatever your age or ability, our products will help you improve your game. Whether you are a toddler working on your catching, a teenage working on your bowling line and length accuracy or a professional goalkeeper getting those 1% improvements in reactions … Flicx are here to help you win and sustain participation in sport.



Crazy Catch and the 2G Flicx Pitch are completely unique products in their cateogories. Each of our products contain innovative technology, product patents and / or are choosen by top international teams, associations and clubs to help them improve their game or develop the sport. Flicx look for solutions that can in turn, enable the game to grow.


Great Service

We want all customer to be happy with their purchase and receive great service from our team. On 2G Flicx Pitches we offer a 5 year manufacturers warranty and a money back guarantee too. We are delighted to receive referrals and for our brands to grow through word of mouth. Any issues we can help with you can contact our team at any time

Our Team

Here’s a little bit more about the team at Flicx UK… We would love to hear from you in person, so do drop us an email or give us a call with any questions on the 2G Flicx Pitch product range or it’s suitability for your requirements


Richard Beghin

Managing Director

Contact Richard

Visit Richard 's LinkedIn Profile

Flicx UK founder Richard Beghin developed the original Flicx Pitch in South Africa before moving the business to the UK in 1999. Richard has a passion for cricket and sport in general and has seen the Flicx business grow and develop up to and beyond the launch of the 2G Flicx Pitch. Richard is the companies chief mingler and can often be found behind a camera lense.

Kate Costin

Marketing Manager

Contact Kate

Visit Kate's LinkedIn Profile

Kate joined Flicx in 2013 in the position of Marketing Manager responsible for the Crazy Catch and 2G Flicx Pitch brand. Kate works closely with Flicx retailers and partner associations to promote Flicx as well as using digital marketing tools to raise awareness of the brand globally and share great success stories of how the pitch helps the game to grow. Any events or wacky ideas for Flicx, Kate would be delighted to hear from you. Outside of work, Kate can mainly be found on a hockey pitch (or enjoying a slice or two of homemade cake)

Gary Luke

Sales and Office Manager

Contact Gary

Visit Gary 's LinkedIn Profile

Zimbabwean Gary moved to the UK in 2005 following a background in farming. Gary joined Flicx in 2012, initially working on orders and dispatch before taking a full time role running the office, sales and operations. Contact Gary for all quote requests or any questions on the pitches performance and suitability for your requirements. If there is anything about the 2G Flicx Pitches performance, that Gary doesnt know, it probably isnt worth knowing.

Rob Nafgzer

Manufacturing and Dispatch Manager

Contact Rob

Visit Rob's LinkedIn Profile

Rob joined Flicx in 2014 on a short term basis to start with, making up bespoke orders for new 2G Flicx Pitches. Rob became an invaluable member of the team, with his attention to detail and now heads up all manufacture and dispatch. Rob is the companies sweepstake manager and when he is not building cricket pitches, he enjoys watching cricket, beer in hand with his favourite shot being the block … closely followed by the leave.

Flicx is built on our passion for sport and overcoming barriers to participation…
we are proud to have taken cricket to some incredible places where cricket has not been played before


The original Flicx Pitch was designed in South Africa back in 1997 at the end of the apartheid era. Richard Beghin wanted a way to create MORE OPPORTUNITIES for young South Africans to play cricket and developed a roll out, plastic pitch solution that could CONVERT FIELDS into cricket pitches.

The idea immediately attracted interested to support cricket development projects in the UK and the company moved its head office. The Flicx Pitch became VERY POPULAR GLOBALLY due to its cost effectiveness, portability and versatility as well as performance, producing a CONSISTENT BOUNCE in places that previously were not able to host cricket.

In 2015, the 2G Flicx Pitch was created and this product is now manufactured solely in the UK. The new tile is SOFTER and easier to roll out whilst it GRIPS the under surface even more so than the original. The new surface itself produces a better ball bounce whilst SEAM AND SPIN performance is improved. It provides the bowler with more TRACTION and thus the ball does not “skid” through as it did with the original design…

The new 2G Flicx Pitch can be rolled out on many different surfaces and will provide a suitable bounce, whereas the original surface was only suitable for outdoor purposes. It is therefore far more UNIVERSAL and can be used both indoors and outdoors. In addition, it’s easier and softer to roll out and is available in BRIGHTER COLOURS and NEW DESIGNS with the option to brand up your pitch with a sponsor logo.

The 2G product is now UK made and therefore we have been able to reduce lead times considerably whilst both surfaces were independently TESTED by the leading UK ports surfaces laboratory (Labosport UK) where the new 2G surface came out far superior in terms of its performance with reduced slip and improved ball bounce.


The first Flicx Pitch is rolled out at Telkom Country Club in Pretoria, South Africa


Flicx exhibit at an ECB Conference and place an order for 799 pitches for inner city cricket development


Flicx UK was formed in at its current Hinton Airfield headquarters


The Flicx Pitch hosts a historic cricket match on Robben Island


Bangladesh – 70 pitches and ICC Africa Projects – ie – Lesotho


Two teams of intrepid cricketers took part in the world’s highest match today – on the side of Mount Everest


Launch of the 2G Flicx Pitch at Lord’s ahead of the 2014 season


Cricket Australia place a container order of 2G Flicx Junior Multi Age pitches to support their junior cricket programmes.

Our Clients

Flicx UK are delighted to support the work of the following organisations/ charities…

What our Clients say...

“With no groundsman or expertise to prepare grass wickets, a drop-in pitch made a lot of sense for us. The 2G Flicx Pitch has absolutely TRANSFORMED THE STANDARD of cricket that we can teach and means we also now play matches against other schools. It has also pushed our better cricketers who no longer have to rely on a makeshift, bobbly football pitch.”

Mark Costin, Sacred Heart School, Battersea

“The kids absolutely loved playing on the 2G Flicx pitches with parents and families all wanting to take photos! If it wasn’t for the pitches our tour would not have been the success that it was and the team here at the Sixers will be utilising them further with our community events, clinics and for our Fan Day here at the SCG and throughout the season”

Liz McPherson, Fan, Activation and Community Manager, Sydney Sixers, Australia

“The versatility of this product allows Middlesex Cricket to take the game to communities where there is poor or low provision of cricket pitches, it also allows us to increase playing sites in London where green space is in high demand and unfortunately reducing!

Katie Berry, Middlesex Cricket

“The 2G Flicx Skills Pitch has been a fantastic addition for our cricketers for their winter training. Both batters and bowlers have benefited from more visual cues and targets, both individually and against each other”

Simon Francis, Warwick School

“We chose the 2G Flicx Pitch because it’s a portable solution and means Novel Sports can set up a cricket experience centre at various locations for all to enjoy. We have already found that kids are very motivated to play on artificial surfaces such as the Flicx Pitch as it offers a good bounce and spin”

Duane Zaheer Lall, Novel Sports (Trinidad)

“We used our 2G Flicx Pitch for a hard ball match weekend – 3 matches – with seniors in Iceland and it played very well in a challenging environment.
We even had a 100 scored in the last T20 game”!

Darren Talbot, Iceland Cricket

“The 2G Flicx Pitch will enable us to play cricket where we couldn’t before. It was easy to set up and gives a good playing surface for our students to practice and play matches on, increasing our participation greatly”.

Paul Harrison, Director of Sport , William Perkin C of E School

“Bute County fully endorse the obvious logic in purchasing a Flicx 2G wicket. The benefits are numerous and it’s very easy for two people to transport and then quickly roll out to get the game started.”

David Mackay. Bute County CC

“In the summer of last year, we purchased two more Flicx pitches and have spread them around the country hosting our adult leagues. You cannot put a price on what the Flicx pitch has done for cricket in Israel – it is without a doubt the best investment that we have made and without it, we would have no facilities”

Herschel Gutman, Israel Cricket Association

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