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Southern Districts Cricket Club on the outskirts of Darwin has turned to an old Flicx Pitch to host their A Grade training with excellent results. Do you need to upgrade your senior cricket nets?

Clubs and Schools in Australia are increasingly turning to Flicx, to solve their facility issues. One common application regularly covered on our blog is to increase ground utilisation and convert a larger oval into multiple junior format pitches to allow clubs to cater for growing numbers.

Globally Flicx is also widely used for senior cricket matches for example in developing cricketing nations where cricket grounds are not available with Flicx being a versatile, value for money solution or to create additional pitches or to take pressure off the main square. This scenario is certainly played out at Freds Pass, home of the Crocs, in the Northern Territories. (See Northern Territory Cricket)

Here the club’s Flicx pitch (batting end) which is close to a decade old and has recently been recommissioned for the A Grade training. For men’s cricket this method allows batsman to bat on a quality, consistent surface and for the bowlers to bowl on grass. The photo of the senior cricket nets session shows the set up with the Flicx skills batting end rolled over the square with a portable net placed around.

This set up has become an asset for the team who use it each week rolled out on a used wicket. A 30-minute roll firms up the surface before training, then the Flicx Pitch sits on top and allows for a quality nets session which is realistic to match conditions.

The beauty and value for SDCC here is that the Flicx Pitch does not impact the curators pitch preparations. The used wicket alone is too soft for batting, but the Flicx Pitch rolled out on top provides a firm, flat surface and so is the best alternative for the club.

Not only does this show the great versatility of an investment in Flicx but also the durability of the product, still performing after 10 years!
Flicx UK supply pitches direct to Australia with interest at an all time high and many state cricket associations investing in pitches as a way to both grow the game and provide better-quality experiences for players. Customers should allow 2 months for manufacture and the most cost-effective shipping by sea’s so for clubs and schools looking to play on 2G Flicx Pitches in September; we recommend orders are placed this month (July). Many clubs are already ahead of the curve here with a record number of pitches on the water to various parts of Australia. Thanks to Greame Beghin, player and coach Southern Districts Cricket Club for the images and case study help on this blog.

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