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5 steps to making a great backyard cricket pitch with Flicx

Backyard Cricket Pitch

The 2G Flicx Pitch is a roll out cricket wicket that will take your backyard cricket to the next level so here are our five steps to making your own great backyard cricket pitch!!! Practice your shots at home and play anytime and for hours on end on a pitch that is realistic and consistent. You might not be able afford groundsmen and curators to come and cultivate the perfect cricket pitch in our gardens or backyards but with Flicx, its quick and easy to transform the quality of your practice.

The Flicx Pitch is manufactured in the UK but we ship worldwide. The cost of shipping batting ends and throw downs is very reasonable and from order to playing can range from 5-14 working days. Here is our expert advice and 5 top tips on creating a set up like this at home (the product in the video is our 10m Skills Batting End, credit Dan Simpson)

  1. Identify a firm, flat area

Within your garden or playing area, you will need to identify a firm, flat area for your 2G Flicx Pitch to roll out on. It would help to have a healthy covering of grass at the start of preparation. Consider the direction of play to avoid shots going into neighbouring gardens or damaging plants or worse … windows! Cricket pitches are usually oriented as close to the north-south direction as practical, because the low afternoon sun would be dangerous for a batsman facing due west.

If you do not have access to a nice grassed area, you can create a subbase and put a Flicx on top. Is it also possible to roll out on top of tennis courts, astroturf or concrete, although with tarmac or concrete the bounce will be high (a shock-pad can be purchased to reduce)

  1. Choose your 2G Flicx Pitch size and design

Decide what type of training you want to do will determine what pitch size you will need. Are you looking for a pitch to go inside a batting cage?, do you want to bowl onto the pitch and if so of what length do you need to mark? or are you wanting to play a mini cricket game in your garden with bowling and batting from both ends? We have either a match design which is all green with white in-built crease markings or a coaching design which will suit younger players developing their judgement of line and length. Our standard range includes

  • 4m Match and Skills Throw Downs
  • 7.5m Match and Skills Junior Batting Ends
  • 10m Match, Skills and Eagle Eye Batting Ends (view our range)

As each pitch is handmade to order we can produce a bespoke size pitch for you at no extra cost. For bespoke quotes simply email with your requirements. Remember with our 2G Flicx tile, the key benefit is versatility, so the same pitch could be rolled out in a net cage but then also rolled out in the middle of the garden for some kwik or french cricket. One pitch many applications! (Learn More)

“We are chuffed with the whole set-up. The pitch is excellent”- Dan Simpson

  1. Prepare your surface

Ensure any high or low spots and filled in with topsoil and then cut the grass down short to 15mm. If your area hasn’t been used for cricket before, giving it a few cuts and ensuring there is no moss or loose grass cuttings that may absorb some of the ball’s energy. You want your pitch to sit as flush to the base as possible rather than floating on top so if you have access to a roller, that will help but is not a necessity. Obviously, you need to make sure that the area is not wet but one of the big benefits of using the pitch in this home environment is that it does protect the lawn and ensures no damage to the under-surface. Once your 2G Flicx Pitch arrives, just roll it out, wait a short time for the pitch to settle then you can start training either hard ball or soft ball cricket.

  1. Maintain your wicket

The most important part of a backyard Flicx Pitch is the same as any turf pitch: taking care of the grass underneath and keeping it well maintained. The 2G Flicx Pitch can be left out for the summer but what we would recommend is rolling it up into a coil, when you are cutting the grass underneath. Mowing regularly to keep the grass short, watering on extremely hot days or when the soil dries out, regular fertilising and filling in holes and low spots will all maintain optimal performance. Remember, you want the grass short to 15mm so the “feet” on the Flicx tile, moulds to the under surface.

  1. Enjoy your game

The 2G Flicx Pitch provides a quality surface for both batters and bowlers alike. Use the coaching designs to create games and challenges and allow you to hone your skills. Your 2G Flicx Pitch should be stored up right on its end during the off season and with good care and following the installation advice provided, is a hugely durable product that will last for many years. (Each pitch comes with a money back guarantee and 5 year warranty; We are very confident you will find your 2G Flicx Pitch an excellent surface for the home and garden.

Indeed, as the 2G Flicx Pitch is modular it is possible to extend your pitch in future seasons or indeed transport your pitch to other venues. We hope you found our backyard cricket pitch tips useful and you can always call us for further advice on +44(0)1295 816765 or use our LIVE CHAT on our website. Orders can be placed online on our website or via phone.

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