With winter and the festive season rolling in again means the cricket season has been put to bed until next spring. We at Flicx have been looking at ways to help you extend your season and enjoy your cricket all the way through winter. The possibility of training all the way through winter will allow you to have that momentum you need for the next season and to be one step ahead of your opponents.

Cricket played on an Astroturf field:  With the portability a Flicx pitch can offer, it has become an ideal product for clubs and schools to extend their cricket season. Flicx gives you the option to roll out our pitches on an AstroTurf field which may be originally used for hockey or football. The Flicx pitch on AstroTurf will allow the clubs a consistent and reliable pitch to practice or have games, without the worry of any damage or wear to the Astro surface. Last winter, Eastbourne Cricket Club did just that and moved their Flicx Cricket pitch on an Astroturf Hockey field. This allowed them to continue the momentum they had got through their cricket season all the way through winter without any interruption. The upside for them was they did not have to worry that damage or wear could occur to their Astro surface thanks to the Flicx pitch.

Indoor: Another opportunity for the Flicx pitch to be utilised is during indoor winter training. The Flicx pitch offers a much lighter and easier option than the current heavy duty Astroturf carpet that is rolled out at an evening’s training session. The pitch produces consistent bounce and turn replicating a traditional cricket wicket without leaving marks or indents on the indoor hall flooring. With the different options and styles a Flicx pitch can offer, such as a Skills pitch. Flicx can give you the opportunity to hone in on your batting/bowling skills during the Winter off season and become a better player in time for the Summer. Our MAP pitch with the already included crease lines for the various age groups provides the ideal indoor pitch for all the ages to train on one pitch without the fuss of measuring.

Flicx Home academy: A further way to extend the cricket season could be to build your own home academy. Flicx recently built a Home Academy cricket facility at our UK offices. Our Home Academy is a sub artificial surface with a surrounding net and Flicx cricket pitch. The process involves building a sub artificial base made of Grano dust that is compacted to provide a firm level surface for a Flicx pitch to be laid on, paired with various net options that could be perfect for you. The Academy allows for all year training purposes and gives you the ideal back yard set up to practice and develop both batting and bowling abilities.

For more information about our Home Academy please follow the links below:

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