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The long awaited 2023 cricket season is in touching distance. Schools and clubs are well under way with their preseason preparations getting ready for what we have all be waiting for, since the last ball was bowled in September. Flicx Pitches have been the ideal solution for many clubs and schools across the country last year by expanding existing cricket facilities, allowing for growth in girls cricket and boosting an interest in cricket participation. The 2G Flicx Pitch is a hugely versatile portable pitch and means both schools and clubs can play a high standard of cricket with a realistic pace and bounce.  The 2G Flicx Pitch can be used to:

– Convert grass football, rugby, lacrosse fields into extra cricket grounds

– Hosting multiple junior games on the outfield

– Extra outdoor cricket nets

– A better standard of indoor cricket mat

– To convert a hockey Astro or 3G rubber crumb AWP for cricket

– As a training aid to develop bowling accuracy, batting decision making

– To protect the main square (take pressure off)

– To extend the season (play when turf wicket is not ready) plus more!!

 As we look to replicate what was achieved last year, developing cricket in clubs and schools across the UK. Let’s look back at some of the case studies from 2022.

Cranford House – School

Our first case study comes from Oxfordshire, Cranford House an independent school, offering education to boys and girls aged 3-18. Where cricket was a newly introduced sport, saw the introduction of hardball cricket last year and only the fourth year of cricket being played within the school. 

The Flicx Pitches have been of great benefit to Cranford House allowing for the expansion of their existing cricket facilities and aiding in the development of the students’ cricketing skills.

They’ve allowed us to host six junior games on our fields, whereas before we could only host three.”

The Flicx Pitches were also a big hit amongst the student’s boosting participation in Cricket as well as growing and developing an interest in the newly introduced sport.

“We’ve purposely left out two half pitches in the nets during break and lunchtimes, participation and borrowing of cricket equipment has tripled since last year over this first half term.” – Jack Perham (Cranford House – Head of Cricket)

Plus for extra information do read our 2023 new schools flyer with access to a special schools bundle offer in there too

Frimley Phoenix – Club

Frimley Phoenix is a great story of a club who has embraced all forms of cricket. It was not just about the men’s hardball teams being the focus, but it is about embracing women’s, girls’, juniors, and disability cricket. Flicx was the ideal solution to this growth allowing the versatility of the Flicx Pitch to shine. The Flicx pitch allowed Frimley Phoenix to use spaces and convert them into cricket playing areas. There are not many available grass squares in the Surrey area, so utilising tools such as the 2G Flicx Pitch, non turf pitches or even just using the Flicx Pitch for nets, allows people to have more access to cricket.

“We need Flicx Pitches to GROW the sport, but we also need Flicx Pitches to CHANGE the sport. Make cricket flexible, make it adaptable and make it fun.” – Gary Dunford (Frimley Phoenix CC)

The portability and versatility of the 2G Flicx Pitch unlocks non-traditional cricket venues allowing for the growth of cricket across the country.

For extra information do read our 2023 new clubs flyer with access to a special club bundle offer in there too

Queen Ethelburga’s – School

Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate is an independent school located in the North Yorkshire. Queen Ethelburga’s has a rich history of cricket, contributing to the development of some excellent cricketers. After the pandemic as an aim to rejuvenate and develop cricket at the school. QE purchased a 2G Flicx Multi Age Pitch with their school logo to increase the participation of cricket and Flicx seemed the ideal solution”.

The Flicx pitch has been used to host junior and girls’ games on sports pitches and other available spaces while senior games have been played on the main square. The flexibility and adaptability of the Flicx Pitch and the opportunity it presents to expand facilities converting “non cricket spaces” into a competitive game for the students has been highly praised.

“The real benefit is the flexibility to throw the Flicx Pitch down on the football pitches, but also the flexibility of the multiple crease markings to play the different age groups”- Ben Gibbons (QE Head of Cricket)

If you’re a cricket club or school looking to boost cricket participation, increase more training/matches, need a quote or any further information please contact us or check out our online shop.

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