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Spend less time setting up and more time playing on 2G Flicx Pitches Indoors

As winter has arrived and the Festive season is in full swing, sees the start of indoor nets again. Not only can Flicx pitches help revolutionise indoor training sessions this winter but offer the opportunity to expand your outdoor facilities when spring and summer come back. A 2G Flicx Pitch can be the solution to an inconsistent indoor practice as well as bolster your current outdoor facilities.

Benefits of a 2G Flicx Pitch for Indoor training

  1. Usage – The 2G Flicx pitch offers many benefits that provide a solution to the issues with Astro-carpet and sports hall surfaces. The Flicx pitch offers a lightweight cricket surface that is easy to roll up and pack away with provided storage in the form of a trolley. The ease of using a Flicx pitch allows schools and clubs to mitigate time wasting associated with the heavy and cumbersome Astro-carpet mats.
  2. Surface – The Flicx pitch can come in a Skills, Multi- Age, Standard green or Bespoke pitch design options in multiple lengths offering all possible opportunities to clubs and schools. The Skills pitch ideal for indoor, comes with a traditional green match design with built in crease markings, plus our 3-colour coded coaching zones to aid batting decision making. The Multi Age Pitch again an ideal option for schools and clubs with various ages of cricketers utilising the facility. The MAP comes with up to 4 crease line options allowing all ages to play on one pitch without the hassle of working out different pitch lengths.
  3. Bounce- A 2G Flicx Pitch offers a consistent and reliable bounce on indoor surfaces as well as outdoor. It allows for seam and turn for more realistic practice unlike the Astro-carpet mats. The Flicx pitch provides the ideal conditions for a batsman to face variation like they would on a grass wicket.
  4. Expanding Facilities- Once winter training is over, and we move back outdoor for cricket. The Flicx pitch can continue to offer versatility, allowing for clubs and schools to roll out the pitch on the outfield to expand facilities for juniors or give the square a much-needed break. The Flicx pitch also gives you the option to convert an AstroTurf pitch into a cricket field with the simple task of rolling out the Flicx pitch. Flicx offers the world’s most versatile cricket pitch, the same pitch that can be used to upgrade your winter net facilities can also be used outside during the summer.

CASE STUDY: Bloxham Indoor Training

Recently we visited Bloxham School, Oxfordshire to demonstrate 3 Flicx Pitches. The pitches were all used at their evening cricket training session for their First XI. 4 Lanes were rolled out and set up ready to go for their session and over 20 students were present

Greg Webber (Head of Cricket and First Team Coach) kindly gave his time to give feedback on the performance of the Flicx Pitches at their indoor training session.

How did you find the performance of the Flicx pitch?

The surface itself played well and rewarded the bowlers who put the ball in the right areas. It allowed batters to play shots that would replicate an outdoor service which helped to ramp up the intensity of training.

How does a Flicx pitch differ from the facilities you use currently?

It showed more carry than our current net surfaces which encouraged bowlers who may have found netting more batter friendly previously.

Did you have any expectations of the Flicx pitch before you saw the performance?

I did expect the bounce to be more consistent, but this was not always the case.

How did the students find the Flicx pitch?

They liked the look and aesthetic of the pitch, especially the coaching lines which were very useful from a coaching perspective.

Is there anything that has surprised you about the Flicx pitch?

The amount of lift off the pitch and weight of the surface. Really rated that we could move it inside and out and that we can brand it

Thanks to Greg and Bloxham school for having us at their facilities and for photographs of the session to be used for this article.

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