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2G Flicx Home Cricket Academy – “How it’s made”

Lucian Home Academy

While most people choose to roll their Flicx pitches out on short grass in a home setting accompanied by a net and stumps. For those whose gardens are soft, uneven or for families looking to play cricket all year round. Creating a sub artificial base for your home academy is a quick and a relatively inexpensive solution.

Recently Flicx, built a Home Academy cricket facility at our UK offices. In this article we will explain the processes that went into building the Academy as well as a “How to Guide” for you to follow.

Our Home Academy is a sub artificial surface with a surrounding net and Flicx cricket pitch. The Academy allows for all year training and gives you the opportunity to change your back yard into a professional set up with the ideal net and Flicx pitch for you. In addition you could add a bowling machine and some spring back stumps.

Quick 10 step process to a Home Academy

  1. Find a level surface
  2. Clear the area to prepare for digging
  3. Dig and remove grass and soil (4 inches deep, length and width determined on Flicx pitch measurements)
  4. Lay down the weed membrane.
  5. Place a wooden surround on the pitch edge for stability
  6. Add Grano dust to hole
  7. Dampen Grano dust
  8. Level the surface and Wacker plate it
  9. Allow to dry and settle.
  10. Roll out Flicx pitch to play!

The “How to Guide “ build to a Home Cricket Academy

The initial process of the home academy is to find a suitable and level area for the sub artificial surface to be built.

Following this, the ground must be cleared, and the digging process can begin with removing the grass and soil to the exact measurements of your Flicx pitch.  Generally, the Home Academy pitch measurements come in the sizes of 10m x 1.8m, 7.5m x 1.6m and a 4mx 1.4m pitch. We used the measurements of 7.5m long by 1.6m wide and 4 inches deep.

The next step of the process is to lay down the weed control membrane. This is used to prevent any unwanted vegetation from growing underneath the sub artificial surface and affecting the performance of the pitch.

 A surround made of wooden slats is fastened on the inside of the pitch edge to allow for stability and structure when the Grano dust is placed.

Grano dust is added halfway (2 inches) into the hole. Prior to using the Wacker plate, we recommended dampening the aggregate. The Wacker plate is then used to compact the 2 inches of aggregate.

 Following this process, the remainder of the aggregate is added and compacted until level with the top of the wooden surround.

The process of compacting the sub artificial surface in halves is to ensure the Grano dust is compacted all the way through.

The surface must be let to dry before a Flicx pitch is rolled out on top ready for play.

Equipment to go with

Paceman S2 Bowling Machine Information

  • Ideal for Home Use, Clubs & Schools
  • Expertly designed to deliver balls at speeds up to 55mph
  • Machine can deliver various ball swing and lengths
  • Features an auto-ball feeder
  • Mains powered via a UK three-pin plug
  • Bowling Machine sits on a strong tripod base
  • Light Paceman Cricket Machine Balls included

Dimension GS5 Batting Net Information

  • Size – 5m (Length) x 3m (Width) x 3m (Height)
  • Front curtain netting captures forward drive shots
  • Spacious and secure batting environment to allow for all shots
  • Ground secured metal frame with pegs and ropes included
  • Strong and durable UV treated mesh

Benefits and Flicx Top Tips  

Level off then surface before compactions: The benefit of levelling the surface before compaction allows for a flatter surface making the use of the Wacker plate easier.  

Dampen the aggregate before compacting: After levelling your sub-base material, we recommended dampening the aggregate. By doing so, you’ll further aid the compaction of the material.

The idea of dampening the aggregate allows for a better compaction of the granite dust, therefore producing a hard and level surface for the Flicx Pitch to be rolled out on. The hard under surface will allow the Flicx pitch to produce consistent and true cricket wicket.

Compact the aggregate in halves: We recommend compacting the Grano dust in halves. This is ensure the aggregate is compacted all the way through

Tools List

  • Grano Dust – (1.5 bulk bags were used for a 7.5m x 1.6m sub surface)
  • Wacker Plate
  • Wooden slats (6 inches wide)
  • Shovels
  • Spirit Level

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