24/03 Follow up message from the Flicx UK team (COVID-19)

Covid 19

In light of Boris Johnson’s address to the nation, we have decided to place all items of our www.flicx.com website on back order from effect 24th March 2020 at 3pm. Despite all courier companies collecting as normal and no restrictions placed on e-commerce sites operating to date, we feel as a company that the right thing to do to help in this collective effort is to NOT send packages out at this time through our courier partners as this would potentially assist the spread of Covid 19 through the surfaces of pitch wrapping, at sorting depots and in delivery vans.

We realise that at this time many people will desire a product like the 2G Flicx Pitch to enable them to play a fine standard of cricket in gardens and homes, indeed we have been busier than ever this past week, but we feel we need to do our small part and help flatten the curve so for the time being, we are accepting orders only on back order. No products will be dispatched until things change with the lock-down. Orders placed prior to this message will still be fulfilled. We hope everyone can understand our decision and we will keep customers posted and continue to monitor the situation.

Our offer still applies to cover the VAT and Shipping until the 31.03.2020 but note that we are unsure yet when 2G Flicx Pitches will be dispatched. Do feel free to contact our team at anytime – its a great time to forward plan your club or schools cricket facilities going forward but do ensure you follow government advice and #stayhomestaysafe.

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