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5 reasons why Flicx is the best cricket pitch mat in the USA

Cricket Mat USA

Here’s our top 5 reasons why the 2G Flicx Pitch is the best cricket pitch mat in the USA … we receiving a number of enquiries from the United States and Canada each week for our versatile, roll out, portable cricket pitch solution with some of the key benefits being 1. It performs really well on artificial surfaces […]

Cricket down Worcester High Street! #Street6s

Street 6s Cricket

Flicx UK, home of the worlds most versatile cricket pitch, supported the Worcester Street Sixes tournament last week which involved 18 teams of six a side, using soft balls, plying street cricket on Worcester High Street! @WorcsStreet6s looking forward to loads of fun and action between all the corporate teams raising funds for charity @FlicxPitch […]

Want to boost your junior participation?? Watch #AskAsh Episode 2

Boost Junior Cricket Participation

If your club or school is looking to create extra capacity to host more junior cricket in other ways you need to boost your junior participation, then take a watch of our second episode of #AskAsh … Business Development Manager Ashley Appleby talks through our new 14 metre 2G Flicx Pitches (available in Blue, Green […]

Preparing your ground for the new Cricket season #AskAsh Episode 3

preparing your cricket ground

As it’s currently pre-season for clubs and schools in the UK and northern hemisphere, this episode of #AskAsh covers what you need to do in terms of preparing your ground ahead of laying a 2G Flicx Pitch ahead of the new cricket season … The advice from Flicx UK Business Development Manager Ashley Appleby in […]

Cricket pitch logo printing | #AskAsh Episode 5

Cricket pitch logo printing

In episode 5, Ash chats all things cricket pitch logo printing. We make an exciting trip to our printing partners Senecio premises and show you the process of printing corporate or club/school logo’s onto our 2G Flicx Pitches. Watch the Essex Eagles logo being printed on their new 2G Flicx T20 participation pitch – the […]

The Wicketz Community Cricket Programme #AskAsh Episode 6

Wicketz programme

The latest episode of #AskAsh features our partnership with Lord’s Taverners and their Wicketz Community Cricket Programme. Six of their Wicketz programmes now have access to a bespoke blue 2G Flicx Multi Aged Pitches (MAP) to help over come their facility challenges … Wicketz is a community cricket programme targeting young people across the UK […]

Transporting and Storing a 2G Flicx Pitch #AskAsh Episode 7

Transporting and Storing a 2G Flicx Pitch

In order to get maximum performance and longevity from your 2G Flicx Pitch, follow these top transporting and storing tips from our business development manager Ashley Appleby on the best ways to move and store your pitch. In terms of rolling the pitch up ahead of storage, the first thing is after the match is to […]

The 2G Flicx Pitch at the Lord’s Taverners #wicketz festival

Wicketz Festival

Flicx UK were delighted to attend and support the Lord’s Taverners #wicketz festival hosted at Repton School last week. The festival was the biggest in the history of the Wicketz programme and saw over 120 young people from across the country took part in a three-day residential course consisting of competitive cricket, coaching masterclasses and […]

Clubs in Australia are applying for grants towards 2G Flicx Pitches

Shipping a 2G Flicx Pitch to Australia

Here at Flicx, we are getting an increasing number of clubs in Australia applying for grants towards 2G Flicx Pitches which they are getting in now, ahead of the new season. Flicx UK can support this process by providing an official quotation and downloadable PDF bespoke to the pitches application in Australian conditions. With changes […]

HOW TO | Roll up your 2G Flicx Pitch correctly

How to roll up a 2G Flicx Pitch

It’s highly important to roll your 2G Flicx Pitch back up tightly after use and store in a coil shape. Follow these top tips to get the maximum performance from your portable pitch. Unlike the original Flicx Pitch, the new 2G Flicx Pitch is softer and much easier to use. The upgrades to the surface […]

HOW TO | Move your 2G Flicx Pitch easily

How to move a 2G Flicx Pitch

The beauty of the upgraded 2G Flicx Pitch is its ease of movement and portability. It is possible for one person to move and install the 2G Flicx Pitch and prepare a consistent surface for cricket which is low maintenance and means you can play cricket where previously it might not have been possible for […]

Get set for better Indoor Nets!

Winter Cricket Nets at school

With the county cricket sides now returning for pre-season and top cricketing schools already making plans for the 2019 season, attention turns to winter indoor nets. As the world’s most versatile cricket pitch solution, the new and improved 2G Flicx Pitch performs really well indoors and many top venues have already made the switch over […]

How an Englishman funded a pitch to grow cricket in Uruguay

Cricket in Uruguay

What motivated a man from Cheltenham to fund-raise for a Flicx pitch to be sent 6812 miles across to help grow cricket in Uruguay? Our business development manager Ashley Appleby finds out in the ninth episode of #AshAsh … Rob’s wife was born in Montevideo, they have four sons and their best chance of playing […]

Flicx Pitch in Australia | 5 questions … answered!

Shipping a 2G Flicx Pitch to Australia

If your club or school is looking for the Flicx Pitch in Australia as a way to grow its cricket programme or if you need to create additional cricket spaces by converting grass spaces or artificial pitches into cricketing venues then the 2G Flicx Pitch is now available and is getting great feedback from clubs, […]


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